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5 morning stretches – so easy, and they work!

exercisesOne of the better health newsletters that Aunty subscribes to is Live in the Now.  The articles that arrive in my inbox are daily, and quite interesting.  The sales copy of its Stop Aging Now product line which correspond to health issues are compelling.  The “deals” are enticing.  More times than not, Aunty takes the bait and orders from them.

The latest is a topical skin treatment with vitamin C that sounds very promising for Aunty’s aging skin.  Another is a product called Synergy7 – a detox formula that helps the liver function at optimal levels, which Aunty figures she needs since she is still a poor eater – choosing food for its taste rather than benefits.  So, most likely, Aunty’s liver is in need of a detox and boost.  Perhaps her “liver spots” that are in her genetic blueprint (great grandmother’s face was like a map of liver spots) will be conquered.  [Note:  the Cambodian BeBe cream is still keeping Aunty’s dark spots at bay, with occasional Nerium night cream treatments.  Mai’s Beauty Salon will be bringing the cream in for sale now!]

The latest email had a link to “5 Stretches Everyone Should Do Every Morning.”   3 of them can be done while lying on the bed, and very easy to do – lower trunk rotation, hamstring stretch, and bridging.  One of them is done while sitting, and also very easy to do – upper trapezius stretch that feels GREAT for the neck and shoulders.  The last one is done while sitting or standing – an upward reach up and to the side, holding for a few seconds while breathing in slowly, and exhaling slowly, then moving to the other side.

Aunty printed these out to follow until they can be done as an automatic thing to do in the morning upon waking up or at other times during the day while sitting at the computer.

Being a senior citizen has so many benefits, except for the loss of a youthful body and health.  As we age, we need more help and awareness of doing what is good for us, and not doing what is bad.

My wish is that we can all be well, wealthy, and happy.  Be well, dear friends and family.  Wealth and happiness to you, too.

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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Maui Boy

    Aloha Aunty,

    You might look into Morinda’s Tahitian Noni juice, my coach got us on it about 10 years ago & it has great benefits!!

  • Yuko

    I purchased my strips at home health chemistry for $30. I specifically tested the pink special bebe cream. If u need info on chelation please see medical medium safe heavy metal cleanse. I purchased everything from iherb and completed 40 days (it’s super easy, just a smoothie in the morning). 🙂 btw-when using testing strips u have to mix the cream with a little water. 🙂

    Mercury Test Strips That You Can Use at Home – Home Health Chemistry

    • Aunty

      Good to know. If I can find my husband’s mercury testing kit (for ulua) I will use that. If I can’t find it then I will order it from Home Health Chemistry – thanks for the lead!
      If it does have mercury, I will be really sad because it really did work wonders on my age spots. Then I will look for more natural means such as curcumin. In fact, my dentist was going to change out my front tooth crown because the teeth around it were brown/yellow, but before I let him do that, I tried a coconut oil/curcumin/peppermint oil solution on my teeth – and it whitened my teeth quite nicely! That will be material for another post.
      Thanks again for your info.

  • gigi-hawaii

    Those stretches look interesting. I should tell David to take a look at your blog today. By the way, he does look at your blog periodically.

  • Yuko

    Also wanted to mention that if you google “cambodian bebe cream mercury” you will find numerous articles on the dangers of whitening creams being sold.

  • Yuko

    Hello! I just wanted to share important information to you regarding the Cambodian Bebe cream. I also was a huge fan of this cream and was using it for about a month with great results. I work at a Plastic Surgury skin clinic here in Honolulu and dug a little further to see what ingredients are actually in this cream that results in whitening of the skin. I read an article that many whitening creams from overseas contain mercury so I decided to purchase a testing kit online. To my dismay I found that the cream does contain mercury and that it is deemed highly toxic (absorbed through the skin) and not FDS approved. Although it’s great that you are sharing your beauty finds here on your wonderful blog I think you should also share this information as well. Please email me if you have any questions.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Yuko, and thank you for the info! I did follow your advice to search online about “cambodian bebe cream mercury” and found several articles about it – though not specifically about the one that I use. The research stated that about 14% of the creams from Cambodia were found to have mercury, so possibly this pink container one is one of them, or perhaps not.
      I will order a testing kit online – where did you get yours – I tried googling but most of the tests are for blood and urine analysis.
      btw, unrelated to this, I am having a mercury toxicity test done for a thyroid condition that I have had for over a year.
      Thanks again for the info!


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