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Welcome and Aloha!

ALOHA from Honolulu Aunty! 

CIMG0830 Do you have dreams, goals, desires for a better life?

Where do you start?  By learning, learning some more, and then doing what you need to do to get you to where you want to be.

To learn here, please check out the menu tabs that interest you, or put a subject in the “Search here” box at the top.  Blue highlighted words are linked to pages or materials of interest, so click away!

What do you want?

Want Wealth, Health, Happiness, Looks?

Aunty wrote a page on wealth wisdom for Young People just starting off.  Sure wish our kids read it one day ….

Do you like Tips?  Cooking?  Reviews of places and things to eat, go, try?

Want Household Hints, Fun ways to pass time, Travel Tips?

Have you ever flown first class on a trip?  You should, at least once in a while, and do so without breaking your budget.  Aunty also shares how to pack for a trip – the philosophy being that more is better.

Want the best  grilled shrimp recipe – Garlic Mayo Shrimp?  Uncle’s co-worker made it for his girlfriend’s family one time, and they insisted he had to marry her, and he did!  Aunty’s other recipes are easy and ono (delicious), most of them from other people since Aunty hates to cook – mahalo, mahalo, mahalo.

Want Reviews on workshops, books, programs, restaurants that Aunty recommends?

Wanna be in/to Hawaii?  Vegas?

Want to visit Hawaii?  Learn some of Aunty’s pidgin English?  This info site is full of reviews of local businesses, restaurants from Aunty’s very local perspective.  Some of those reviews include Las Vegas businesses and restaurants, lumped together with Hawaii places because we LOVE Las Vegas, sometimes called the “9th island”.

It is one of the reasons why Aunty does real estate investing in Vegas.  The ultimate goal of Aunty, though, is real estate in Hawaii.

Beats being poor

Young or old, anybody can learn and do the 2 secrets to wealth:  save, and invest.

More is more

Want to learn how Aunty made her website and how it can be monetized?  Want to learn about Nerium AD or Protandim, 2 business products that Aunty is involved with?  Uh, actually, Aunty got “terminated” by the folks at Protandim because of her review.  Hmmmm, honesty is not appreciated sometimes.

Want to learn how Aunty won the battle against her forever warts?

You still stay?

Mahalo!!!  Got SO much more, just like Aunty has a motor mouth, auwe!!!

Ask Aunty, make comments, visit often, stay short or stay long.  No shame.  Aunty is amateur and forever learning, so we can all learn together, right?

Want to have Aunty’s latest posts sent to you?  Enter your email address in the “subscribe” box to the upper right.  After that, please check your email inbox to confirm and you will get the latest whenever Aunty writes something new.

Mahalo aplenty for your visit.  You made Aunty very happy.

Oh, and one more thing.  Here is a disclaimer to this place, and this applies to every page on Aunty’s website:  The information presented within this website is provided by Aunty for educational and entertaining purposes only and is not intended as, nor should be relied upon as tax, legal, medical, or investment advice.  Please seek professional guidance when making your own decisions.

So, in other words, don’t sue Aunty because Aunty doesn’t claim to be an expert in any field.  Aunty started this to share.  Take everything with a grain of salt and your own common sense.  Be nice.

Mahalo for visiting!

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