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About Aunty

One of us is me, but we are all aunties.

Born in Honolulu, T.H. – that’s before Hawaii became an official State of the USA in 1959.  I always thought of myself as young, hip, fast, and agile.  That is, until I was catching the Bus one day, and a young man offered me an assist by saying, “You need help, Aunty?”  Ever since that day, I entered the realm of an older generation.

Menopause was life changing and earth shattering.  Poor Uncle.  His once nice agreeable wife became a female bull on iron pills.  Change and Charge! was the daily mantra.  I’d like to think I’ve mellowed a bit since that period.  I try to look before I charge now, and change if it will be of benefit to us.

As I aged, I felt more empowered, yet also less in control of our future.  We have only so many days in our lives – each day that goes by is one day less that we have left to spend.  I felt like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand, hoping our financial future would be good enough, but knowing it would not be.

Although people like to bash Robert Kiyosaki, it really was a Rich Dad workshop presentation that gave me the impetus to get my head out of the sand and take control.  I went on to read his first book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, played his CashFlow game, and then plunged.

It is a glorious ride – the plunge.  The glory of it is that the plunge is not a downward dive, but rather a wonderful upward lift.  Here is a great article about making your “bucket list” from a Rich Dad Education blog site.

The most important component in my life changing action was commitment.  Without it, I would be wishy washy, doubt in my own truths, and fail.  I now commit, take action, and adjust if necessary.  Michael Masterson calls it Ready, Fire, Aim.

Crocodile Dundee’s quote has now become one of my favorites:  “Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like crazy.”

Commit, chomp, then chew.  Spit when necessary.

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