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Aunty is prezzed!

2016-01-03_10-06-27Awhile back, Aunty spocked President Obama in a motorcade and this sparked a letter to him, which Aunty sent out to the White House.

It was sent to Washington, DC earlier in the year, and then forgotten.  Since then, a lot has happened and the political coocooness, stock market roller coaster moves, and life changes continue on.

Then, just the other day, a very nondescript pale green envelope came in the mail to Aunty, with the return address of “The White House, Washington, DC 20500”.  Aunty tossed it aside, thinking that it was a pitch by the Democratic party to vote/donate/get involved.

When Aunty finally got around to opening old mail to make sure nothing important was overlooked before trashing, guess who wrote to Aunty in that pale green envelope!?!  It was the President of the United States, thanking Aunty for writing!  And appreciating Aunty’s perspective!

Okay, it wasn’t hand written, and maybe it was just one of those standardized printed on White House stationery responses, but it gave Aunty a thrill and made her day!  So nice, Aunty feels so spaaaacial!

Here’s the letter, scanned and saved:


About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Musings

    Awww… That is so cool! I was telling Art might be interesting to go to the other side of the island when he comes into town, but he didn’t want to. 🙂

  • Bill H.

    Did you write him about his motorcade always tying up traffic when he come visit?

    So cool, though, get one response from da Prez!

    • Aunty

      Hiya Bill. No, because I never experienced traffic while he was here – the police would only block intersections that he was approaching and the motorcade zoomed by. And yes, it IS cool!

  • Tutu

    WOW, I’m totally impressed, writing style & beautiful signature look authentic, not like standardized response to cover generic issues. Although reader doesn’t know what the issue concerned, he sounds aware of it, but respected your privacy not to rephrase it in his thank you letter. BTW, in his 8 year term was the issue or problem resolved to your satisfaction? Mahalo for sharing with your fans. A hui hou, Tutu

    • Aunty

      Aloha Tutu,

      I think the issues are too big for one person to address, so it was more like a wish list. Interesting election coming up. Time to take care of our selves and maybe even head for the hills.

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha, wonder what life would be like in Canada for the next 4 years, one thing for sure, the scenery is gorgeous…

        • Aunty

          I have never been to Canada. I think I am just too stuck in the local mentality and will live, in my little grass skirt, in my little grass shack, in Hawaii.

  • jalna

    That is so very cool! Glad you took the time to write him.


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