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Aunty the Realtor (update – not anymore)

Uncle would make a great real estate agent.  I never wanted him to be one because he is so handsome and charming – call it jealousy and control; I call it being smart and safe.  Well, we are getting older and it’s time to let kites fly and dogs run.

Paul Xavier & Co. (formerly Real Estate Xtreme) have presented a great opportunity to anyone who is already a licensed realtor or agent, or thinking of becoming one.  To kick it off, they are re-naming and re-branding to Nextage Aloha Realty and moving into a bigger office in the same Pearl City complex at 98-029 Hekaha Street behind Cutter Ford.

Nextage is a different way of compensation for realtors.  Traditionally, an agent and broker have a pre-determined split of commissions, and if an agent sells, he/she makes a cut of the sale and the broker makes a cut.  If an agent doesn’t sell anything, he/she doesn’t make anything.   A wise friend of Uncle was a realtor for the very reason that real estate is the most expensive item people buy, and has the highest commission.  The next most expensive item is their car.  So, if you are going to make commisions, make it with real estate (followed by automobile commissions I suppose).

Imagine combining the multi-level marketing concept of companies such as Amway, Shaklee, Mary Kay Cosmetics, etc. to real estate.  All those spokes that radiate out from your base also help to feed your base.  At the same time, whatever sales you make are credited to you and help to raise you to a higher compensation level.  The more people that sign up under you increase your compensation level, and so on.

Well, when I first heard the presentation from Paul Xavier and saw the slide presentation, I dismissed it as a MLM (multi-level marketing) gimmick and not for me.  However, the more I thought about it the better it became.  This is passive income in the most lucrative and desirable market of real estate, with the option to get more active and generate even more income.  The fluctuations of selling one month and not selling the following month are padded with the team commissions from your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. generations of agents.  The bottom man on the totem pole will still get the biggest share of the commission since he did the most work, but you also get to share in the “remainder” portion whether you had a hand in the sale or not.  It becomes one big team and it would deserve a great big team party at the restaurant of our choice every year!

Seriously, I might have Uncle get his license, or I’ll get one [Got mine!].  Aunty signed up under Nextage Aloha Realty – for $125/year + $80 start up fee.  I’ll soon have a website for anyone wanting to become a Nextage agent, so ask me about it before you do sign up and Aunty gets credit.  [Aunty has decided not to renew her license as a real estate salesperson – it IS a lot of responsibility and a whole lot more to learn!] Paul Xavier doesn’t believe in Las Vegas investing (yet), and we probably have more differences in politics, philosophies, and poop, but he is a straight shooter.  I respect straight shooters even if I don’t like their brand of bullets.

Meanwhile, check out Paul & Co’s new website This gives a brief overview of the “we” instead of just “me vs them” kind of company concept. Make sure you let the know Aunty sent you so I get credit.  [Or so Paul thinks that Aunty is cool.]  Paul also runs info meetings about Nextage every Monday evening at 7:00 pm at the new office in Aiea.  Contact them at:


and let them know you want to attend their free info seminars to learn more!

I took my pre-licensing course from Abe Lee Online Seminars.  I find his audio lessons really entertaining and educational at the same time.  It costs me $425, but well worth the money – as it teaches me as well as prepared me to pass the State and general tests in order to get licensed.  I am also interested in his Ninja training – the cadillac of systems for realtors.  So much to learn, it’s a wonderful time.

Here’s a website that compares rental prices in your area:  Pretty cool stuff for a realtor, renter, or landlord. is a site that helps landlords by taking online tenant applications and checking their credit and criminal information for a fee ($25 or $30, depending).  Fees can be billed to prospective tenants, though it is up to them to accept those conditions.  Check out their video (rather long) tutorial to see if this will work for you.

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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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