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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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What to do for a cold

Aunty rarely gets sick.  It could be because she reaches for Congaplex by Standard Process Labs at the first hint of a sore throat, sniffles, or being around others who are sick. However, this time, with no Congaplex in sight, this cold that started as a slight sore throat became a cough with a fatigued body.  Yuck! *Update alert!  Ever hear of the hydrogen peroxide trick?  3 drops in your ear, for 10 minut ...

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How to buy Bitcoin in Hawaii

Bitcoin is something else.  When Aunty first heard about it, it was not for real.  Some made up internet money that was generated by computer power that took up a lot of electricity and buying it involved a lot of steps and verification in places that were new and unproven.  And how could a regular person like Aunty with very little techno skills buy it? Well, the easiest way was to open an account with Coi ...

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New Year Plans

This is a excuse/to-do/notice post since it is already the 6th day of the New Year! 2017 was one of much change - so many endings, which then creates new beginnings. Aunty tends to love change so it was a great year, and 2018 will be one of growth and expansion.  One of Aunty's favorite New Year posts was from 2016 - Make like a tree and ... Upcoming posts will be about The Fascianator, something that pal W ...

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How to remove sticky residue labels from jars

Aunty loves to collect empty glass bottles and keep their lids. However, most labels that come with those bottles are too branded so Aunty likes to remove their identity by removing labels. Goop Off or lighter fluid was the solution of choice. However, the toxic fumes and the danger of ignition bothered Aunty's sense of environmental goodness. Searching on wonderful Google, Aunty found Cheryl at ThatsWhatCh ...

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Monster house – let us stop them on Wednesday!!!

*** Update!  By a unanimous vote, the monster houses will be stopped, but it will take some time before the details are worked out and it becomes law.  We are all so happy, and it was Trevor Ozawa who really started the ball rolling because so many people in his district called and begged for help.   Aunty recently got an update about the bill to stop the monster houses.  The council might vote and decide o ...

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TV Aunty and Monster Houses

Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather - KITV Channel 4 (Aunty on TV at the 2:30 time frame) Some things really bother Aunty.  Some are small kind stuff, like personal issues such as age spots on her face. One big thing that really bothers Aunty is when our Hawaii paradise is under attack.  You know the words to that song by Joni Mitchell, "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've go ...

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How to win in Vegas

Aunty just got home from a 5 day Vegas trip - for the 15th (and last, boohoo) Clay Carnival.  It was outstanding and Aunty is all-in to start playing with her polymer clay again. The Clay Carnival was held in the Linq Hotel, on the Strip.  It was always held at this location, though the names and ownership have changed over the years, for it was originally the old Imperial Palace (dinky but charming), then ...

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Angels All Around You

Do you believe in angels? Aunty kind of did.  Some friends knew they were real, even saw them and heard from them.  But Aunty wasn't sure - until meeting Estelle Small at a recent "Angels, Intuition, and Making Sense of it All" talk, and then a subsequent private consultation ($95) to learn the particulars of the team (!) of Aunty's own angels that help fulfill Aunty's purpose in life. Some people have 1 or ...

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