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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Stretch! for your Health

Aunty is getting to the age of having her mother's body.  Slow, achy, stiff, and sedentary.  Lately, this happens in the morning, then disappears during the day once activities get going. It isn't fun, becoming one's mother.  We rather be forever young, but it isn't going to happen without some help. Today's email from was about a muscle (fascia) causing pain, and the answer to it was stret ...

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Great Gutters!

When our home was extended and renovated 20 years ago, our flat roof would drain via 3 openings, with most of the water diverted into the middle opening.  This resulted in water shooting out into the yard, splashing everywhere and then dripping onto awnings that took a beating.  To solve this issue was a mystery because of the velocity and volume of the water during heavy rains as well as the opening's prox ...

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Battery testing and a tip for storing them

First, the tip for storing batteries, learned from Alejandra of  I got one of those craft organizers from City Mill and stuck all those loose batteries that were rolling around on my shelf after the Costco mammoth packs were opened up and batteries would spill out in freedom. Works pretty good, though I am not sure if the ends should be all facing the same way so I put the more plentiful small ...

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Ichiriki Review (hint: onolicious!)

One of Aunty's daughters loves to eat out.  Ichiriki is her favorite lunch haunt because of their lunch deals.  Most of the nabes (hot pots) are $12. The deal with the always hungry daughter was, if Aunty found a parking and we didn't have to wait for a table, lunch was on.  We were in luck and seated on a sunken tatami mat table right away. Their menu is a feast for the eyes, and Aunty ordered the Pork Cha ...

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Review of Hospice Hawaii

Uncle fought a battle against cancer and blockage from when he was first diagnosed in November of 2013 with stage IV appendiceal cancer after surgeons at Queen's Hospital performed a right hemicolectomy.  In the ensuing months, which turned into a year, Uncle was in and out of the hospital for various reasons. We left Queen's for the last time under the care of Hospice Hawaii.  This is Aunty's review. In th ...

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World Medicine Institute Review

Dr. Hana of Brain Fitness Hawaii referred us to Dr. Chang of the World Medicine Institute in Aina Haina because of Uncle's health issues.  This place is Hawaii's best place for acupuncture treatment. Dr. Chang's business is located way up in Aina Haina in a residential section.  Her house felt like stepping into China.  Many students and assistants were present in the small comfortable waiting room adjoined ...

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Peak into the North

Aunty finished watching "Doctor Stranger" on recently.  It was about Korean doctors' love drama trauma and we had background glimpses into North Korea since some of the characters originated from there.  A link from the Palm Beach Letter (one of many newsletters that Aunty subscribes to) took Aunty to a time-lapse video of North Korea's capitol done by British filmmakers, with approval from t ...

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3 Magic Words

Aunty just recently subscribed to Bug Free Mind's free trial offer - 5 chapters of the program and access to their website (after registering and logging in).   Aunty also joined as an affiliate to the program - just in case this really is what it promises to be.  A review of the program will be forthcoming, but it really does seem to be mind set changing - the first change necessary for any improvement in ...

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Drama Fever Premium on sale!

Shibaraku deshita, ne?!!  It has been a while since last posting.... Aunty just had to share the good news about Drama Fever's 5th anniversary sale!.  Usually Premium costs $9.95/month and Aunty was too cheap to dish out that every month just to avoid those slightly irritating commercials while viewing Korean dramas. However, for a limited time, Drama Fever Premium is only $5 per month, for as long as you m ...

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Spell a Phone number and number your life

Personality/character analysis based on your name. is a website that will give you a free report on what your name means.  Pretty cool stuff - enter your full name, and you get a printable report giving you your numbers and the characteristics of those numbers.  Pretty spot on for me.  Goes to show that it is very important what you name your kids!  You can also get your birthday calculato ...

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