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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Review of Alternate Energy Inc.

After years of thinking about it, Uncle decided that it was time for solar panels for our home.  The timing was great - our electrical bill was edging up to $400/month, solar companies' prices had come down and systems were much more efficient, needing less panels and less wall space for the controls. After getting a few quotes from other companies, we settled on Alternate Energy.  David Thompson was our po ...

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Easy fresh pineapple!

The easiest part of preparing a pineapple is twisting off the crown from the base.  Aunty used to hate the tedious chore of removing the skin with a peeler or knife.  Many times, more of the pineapple was thrown away because of how difficult it is to score off the tough outside layer and dig out those hard "eyes" in the flesh before cutting the yummy parts into bite size pieces. However, Aunty found a bette ...

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Review of OREXCO Hawaii

In November, we sold a property in Las Vegas that had appreciated in price by 70%, resulting in a gain of $90,000.  Pretty sweet! After a quick consult with our CPA, our long term capital gains tax that we would have to pay would be $18,000.  Enter into the picture, the strategy of a 1031 exchange, which allows investors to defer the tax on gains by purchasing something else of equal or greater value. For t ...

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Success and the 1031 exchange!

Yesterday we closed on our first (and only, so far) successful 1031 exchange!  Because it did not involve financing, it took less than a month after identifying, making an offer, settling on their counter offer, and finalizing.  Hurray! Martin Fajardo, our Vegas realtor was instrumental in getting us a great price for a great property in a great neighborhood in Las Vegas.  The exchanged property that we bou ...

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Aunty’s first (maybe last?) 1031 exchange

The opportunity This summer, one of our long term Vegas tenants moved out.  They were good tenants, but became unable to pay the monthly rent.  Meanwhile, the real estate market in Las Vegas was heated up.  In fact, according to year over year statistics for 2013, Las Vegas prices were up by 30%, and Las Vegas was HOT! Uncle and I had purchased the 5 bedroom 3 bath North Las Vegas home back in 2009 for $130 ...

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Speak better = Resonate!! the book by Nancy Duarte

Happy New Year!  Aunty wants to start the year blogging with some self improvement, and the ability to persuade is a good tool in anyone's belt.  Here's a book report from Aunty: The other day, Aunty was sitting next to Uncle and telling him about one of her very interesting revelations (Aunty gets revelations quite often).  In Aunty's telling of it, Uncle looked at this watch.  Aunty got ticked off and sto ...

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Bidet for Butts

Pal Wanda had a very expensive $800+ electronic bidet installed a couple of years ago, much to the curiosity of Aunty.  According to her, it was wonderful.  Aunty took her word for that, but never had an opportunity to try it out. A bidet - pronounced "bid day" - is an attachment (or sometimes it is the toilet seat itself) that is designed to wash your butt hole after you do #2.  It is common in finer estab ...

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Geebz – Gotta Go!

Aunty did a review post on a Geebz workshop.  If Aunty had to rate it comparatively to all the workshops taken, this would be ranked in the top 10% because of its freshness and relevancy to what business owners and little bloggers like Aunty needs in this fast changing world of the internet, social media, and Google. Geebz' presentations are really fun, fast paced, and thankfully he doesn't read from Powerp ...

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McKinley Car Wash Review

Uncle washes Aunty's car every once in a while.  Sometimes because he is in the mood to wash cars, and sometimes because he is trying to make nice to Aunty. Most of the time it is very much appreciated, but once in a while, when my gas tank is low and the car (the one Aunty got the Rich Dad way) is dirty with sand on the floor and the dashboard is dusty, Aunty plans a trip to McKinley Car Wash for a fill up ...

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