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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Lessons from a Flipper

Being part of HiREI has many benefits, and one of them is being part of the women's group, Hawaii Women Real Estate Investors (HiWIRE for short). The October HiWIRE meeting was sparsely attended with Gary DeBose as the featured speaker.  Gary has done hundreds, if not thousands of deals, most of them using other people's money and other people's talents to find/purchase/fix great real estate buys, and sell ...

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Lipstick, lipstick on the lips

Korean dramas on now have a LOT of commercials nowadays unless one subscribes to their Premium service for $9.95/month.  No thank you, since Aunty uses those commercial breaks to get water to drink or restack a pile of papers that needs attention. Anywho, one of the commercials was about long lasting lipstick by Revlon. Okay, guys, this really isn't a post for you.  However, it reminds me of ...

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If you like Stairway to Heaven…..

On December 2, 1012, the remaining members of the Led Zeppelin band were honored at the Kennedy Center.  Heart performed for the 3 remaining members, which brought them to tears. "There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold......."  Classic, timeless, beautiful.  Click play, then pause to let it load, and Enjoy! ...

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CashFlow Game Review

Aunty first played Robert Kiyosaki's CashFlow game at a 3 day Rich Dad Education seminar in Las Vegas.  Boy, was it fun!  All of Aunty's competitive juices kicked in, and everyone couldn't wait for their turn to toss the dice and impatiently waited while people did the changes on their Income Statements. Bam!  Already, a lesson in accounting was built in, the kind of accounting that each of us really needs ...

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Review of Bug Free Mind (in progress)

Many subscription based businesses present in Power Point fashion and read from the text - VERY boring stuff, even if the copy and content are excellent.  Bug Free Mind has the best promo video* with state of the art elements that I have ever seen.   Having someone voice the point first, and then having the text follow is a very pleasant learning and enforcing experience, and it was also very effective, sin ...

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Rich Dads say, so Aunty listens

Aunty's favorite Rich Dad is Robert Kiyosaki.  He had this to say about the recent US government shutdown: "The U.S. Government, due to partisan finger pointing and squabbling, has shut down.   Neither side could reach an agreement on a spending plan for the government.  Mail will still be delivered, the military will still be active, Congress will still get paid, but there are those many other services tha ...

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Broke da ALS Team and the Magic Slate

  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS, is more commonly known as the Lou Gehrig's disease. Our friend Gary, aka "Black", was diagnosed with ALS last year after he had slow speech pattern and difficulty swallowing.  Aunty and his wife are friends from hanabata days (hanabata days = long long time ago).  This weekend was the very 1st annual ALS walk in Hawaii, and over 300 people gathered at Kapiolani ...

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Aunty will be a millionaire for how much?

Aunty just signed up for another newsletter - couldn't help myself - the copy was that good, and the information that I was promised was going to be awesome.... It is a "field manual" survival book and a 12 month newsletter by Dr. David Eifrig (I know, his name could be a joke if you switch around a couple of letters) that will let me know how to get silver coins super duper cheap (no worries Paul, that one ...

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Tired of Teeth

Aunty loves to visit Jalna's photo blog site because it is such a delightful slice of Hawaii local-ness with great photos and links to her photographer friends' sites. I know Jalna, kinda, through our mutual pal Fay, so I post comments from time to time.  Like the last time when she had the very funny clip of the Three Stooges on stage doing "NIAGARA FALLS!!!......Sloooowly I turn.........Step by Step...... ...

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Revving up for Real Estate

In the beginning.... Aunty initially began this info/website because of real estate investing.  After spending thousands of dollars on workshops, some excellent, some mediocre, we took the plunge and began to purchase real estate in Las Vegas.  Why Vegas?  Because it was on sale at the time. We used a legal team that was savvy, proficient, and trustworthy.  We found the best real estate agent who understood ...

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