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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Nerium for Non Profits!

JT Foxx talks about the WOWs that are essential for success.  Over delivering, performing over and above what is expected, being the best of the best. Nerium International is an amazing company that keeps the WOWs coming.  This program will definitely help non profits raise funds - without risk or capital. The new Nerium Fund Development Program has $zero start up costs with unlimited earning potential.  Th ...

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Aunty used a year ago in order to buy a cartoon rendition of herself to use on business cards, as a logo, etc.  I was looking for a hand drawn rendition since the Fiverr seller had a hand drawn self portrait on his profile.  A few weeks later, a computer generated image of something that looked like Cinderella's brown fairy godmother in a muumuu arrived (see picture on left).  Aunty was not satis ...

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Aunty and Mr. Price

Aunty was in Las Vegas, the ninth Hawaiian island, and very happy to be in a picture with KSSK radio celebrity Larry Price at the McCarran Airport.  Uncle took the picture. We were there for a Nerium Bash - what a company!  New and improved tools, great training and an awesome new program for non-profits to earn commissions without any start up costs!  Please let Aunty know if you are interested. Aunty put ...

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Real Opportunity

Back in June 2012, Aunty wrote a review about NeriumAD - an honest Business Review.  I will copy and paste most of it here, with a new perspective since Aunty has now been in the business of Nerium for over a year. At the December 2012 regional training event, Kathy Aaron (2 star National Marketing Director and friend of the Olsons) presented a dynamic overview and insights into the heart of Nerium.  She sa ...

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How to apply Nerium AD

Aunty will put up a video on how to apply NeriumAD to your face soon when I can find a willing "model". Meanwhile, this is how Aunty does it: Aunty showers at night before bedtime and washes her face with soap and water, towel drying.  Put a little water on hands and pat onto face and neck just to get the face slightly damp.  Do not make it wet.  Barely wet = damp. Remove the little plastic "leaf" that plug ...

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Nerium User Tips

Use NeriumAD on your whole face, not just your problem areas.  Skimping on the product doesn't do your face any favor.  4 to 5 pumps every night is recommended for good reason and best results. It is really important to take a "before" picture.  Haven't done so?  Do one now.  If others see the improvement in your skin, you can tell them that you use Nerium.  If 3 customers sign up under you on autoship stat ...

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When Aunty met Jeff Olson

On August 18, 2012, Jeff Olson came to speak at the Convention Center to a room packed with Nerium Brand Partners.  He was awesome.  He spoke rapidly, almost staccato-like with a shortness of letters (i.e. "being" had no "g" and was "be-in") and so much non-stop energy - that being with him was like having the caffeine buzz from a cup ofStarbucks coffee. He graciously signed his book, The Slight Edge, for a ...

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Is Nerium a Pyramid Scheme?

Aunty did once get into a pyramid scheme by Uncle's mother's best friend's daughter. There were a lot of smiling people in a room and lot of pats on the back and promises of big money selling nothing but promises. Aunty and Uncle lost that initial investment, as did his mom. So, is Nerium a pyramid? Kind of shaped like one - the way our government, corporations and businesses are shaped. Is it a scheme or s ...

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Run it as a Business

Because it IS a business [please note:  The information presented within this website is provided by Aunty for educational and entertaining purposes only and is not intended as, nor should be relied upon as tax, legal, medical, or investment advice.  Please seek professional guidance when making your own decisions.] Nerium International opened its doors for business in August 2011.  It really took off in Ha ...

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