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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Gurus of Wealth

The best way to get wealthy is slow and steady, not fast and risky.   "But I don't have any money" is the most common cry and stops most people in their tracks.  Successful people will find a way so they do have money to invest. The following are a summary of programs/authors/subscriptions/methods that I have tried and my recommendations based on personal experience that are specific to wealth building: Mic ...

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Business Credit

I am learning about obtaining business credit.  This is important to me because currently our action plan to keep buying properties has hit a small road block. The original plan was to purchase a Vegas property in cash (cash is king), cash out refinance the property to get the cash back out, and buy another property.  This was to be repeated as many times as possible until the cash supply dries up. The prob ...

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Hey Joe and Aunty!

Aunty first met Joe Taxpayer years ago while google searching about United First Financial's Money Merge Program.  Aunty had plopped down $3,500 for this fantastic sounding program that calculated that it would take 8 years 11 months to pay down our mortgage debts using sophisticated algorithms, money back guaranteed!  (PS don't tell Uncle that I bought this.) After about 3 months of struggling with their s ...

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Lei time

May 1st was May Day.  May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii...(there is a song to that)..  Graduations are happening all around the State of Hawaii.  What that means is a whole lot of lei making and giving. Friend Tutu asked where I buy my flowers/leis.  I have 2 places that I frequent. Le Flowers on 2567 King Street between Kuni Island Fabrics and Siam Imports has inexpensive leis such as the braided flat ginger le ...

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Is Ordinary Good Enough for You?

Wayne Dyer did a presentation for Public Television on the basis of his book, "Wishes Fulfilled, Mastering the Art of Manifestation." Truth to tell, I never knew who Wayne Dyer was before this, but it blew Aunty away.  Hope it does the same for you: ...

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5 Star Rating and good Karma (credit)

Aunty was in a major pickle.  Major.  I didn't even want to tell Uncle about it because he might get mad and make me cut up all my credit cards. See, pal Cookie called to let me know about Wells Fargo's stream line loans that refinance at today's lower interest rates with zero points and $650 closing costs (that's a great deal).  Aunty was in the beginning phase of talking to Kim, one of their loan officers ...

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Beginning “The Pledge”

Aunty recently joined the Wealth Builders Club (will give more details in a future post) and one of the bonuses of that program is getting Michael Masterson's new book "The Pledge" in the mail.  I like getting a "real" book, especially if they are hardcover.  Somehow having pages to turn and paper to smell makes it of more value to me than an e-book. I posted about Michael Masterson before - as the man with ...

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Nerium for Non Profits!

JT Foxx talks about the WOWs that are essential for success.  Over delivering, performing over and above what is expected, being the best of the best. Nerium International is an amazing company that keeps the WOWs coming.  This program will definitely help non profits raise funds - without risk or capital. The new Nerium Fund Development Program has $zero start up costs with unlimited earning potential.  Th ...

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Aunty used a year ago in order to buy a cartoon rendition of herself to use on business cards, as a logo, etc.  I was looking for a hand drawn rendition since the Fiverr seller had a hand drawn self portrait on his profile.  A few weeks later, a computer generated image of something that looked like Cinderella's brown fairy godmother in a muumuu arrived (see picture on left).  Aunty was not satis ...

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Aunty and Mr. Price

Aunty was in Las Vegas, the ninth Hawaiian island, and very happy to be in a picture with KSSK radio celebrity Larry Price at the McCarran Airport.  Uncle took the picture. We were there for a Nerium Bash - what a company!  New and improved tools, great training and an awesome new program for non-profits to earn commissions without any start up costs!  Please let Aunty know if you are interested. Aunty put ...

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