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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Aunty’s Googling day

Firstly, Aunty wants to share her current favorite granola bar - 18 Rabbits.  This bar has been in Aunty's purse for ages - carrying it around in case of hunger attacks while away from home, but never trying it - yet.  During the very (very) long car ride to Google's Mountain View corporate offices, Aunty needed something to eat and opened this stored bar without any expectations.  It is rather flat (thus b ...

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Aunty is now old enough for Zippy’s!

Aunty has been waiting forever to be eligible for Zippy's Senior Discount Card.  Last week, on her 65th birthday, Aunty got her card!!!  Woohoo! With photo ID and an annual fee of $20, Aunty gets 10% off all food and drinks - dine in, take out, bakery, and free parking!  (Actually, parking is free but it was a good way to end the sentence.) Happy Birthday to Aunty To tell the truth, Aunty really doesn't lik ...

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Aunty’s war on slugs

Aunty has been trying to grow vegetables from seeds.  Carefully planting Manoa lettuce seeds, Chinese parsley, and red lettuce in small raised beds.  Watering gently and keeping the surface moist.  Looking for sprouts that haven't shown up.  Failure! The next strategy was to buy starter vegetables from Koolau Farms for $1.49.  Carefully breaking up the clumping sprouts and transplanting them in the formerly ...

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How to pick a good ripe watermelon

Amy Lynn Andrews is a blogging guru that Aunty follows.  Sometimes she has excellent non-blogging tips. Recently, she shared's article about picking the perfect watermelon.  This was great for Aunty who usually doesn't buy watermelons because of the risk of getting a lemon - a non sweet or juicy bulky green globe that nobody wants or eats. The 5 key factors to picking, according to Shareably, ...

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Wisdom is Wasted on the Old

Bill Bonner has a newsletter than Aunty subscribes to.  He owns Agora Publishing - a very affiliate based newsletter business - sometimes there is overkill in how many links that we are introduced to, but his insights are usually spot on and sage, so Aunty pays attention. His Bill Bonner's Diary post today started off with: POITOU, FRANCE – “My father told me to plant trees,” said a neighbor last night. “It ...

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Avocados, Bananas, and the Olympics

What do these 3 things have in common?  A friend named Wandaful.  She is a wonderful (hence her nickname Wandaful) person and a sharer of useful information.  The first 2 are super useful tips for preserving Aunty's favorite perishable fruits.  The last is eye candy for the senses. #1 Avocados One day, Wandaful came by and gave Aunty 3 perfectly ripe avocados from her Sam's Club bag of 6.  Aunty loves to ea ...

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Jalna’s husband’s crispy skin pork bake

Jalna's blog just kills Aunty sometimes.  She makes us laugh, feel whimsy, and then, SO hungry when she posts her husband and son's cooking results. A few weeks ago, she shared Wendell's Pernil - a Puerto Rican pork recipe .  The picture of the crispy skin pork jumped out and begged to be eaten.  Jalna assured Aunty (during the funeral picture taking day) that it was indeed ONO (delicious) to da max. Last S ...

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Your next 5 years

Aunty subscribes to over 40 websites for daily email updates and newsletters.  These vary from healthy cooking, beading, real estate, retirement planning, etc.  The majority of Aunty's subscriptions focus on financial gurus letting subscribers know what they THINK may happen based on current and past factors. Most of them are gloom and doomers.  The economy will collapse, we are in a bubble, sell everything ...

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Aunty’s Quite Wonderful Broken Bones

See this cute little doggie?  His name is Toshi.  He is our daughter's 7 year old Sheltie, and he is dangerous for old ladies who try to keep up with his running while walking on uneven Kaimuki streets.  That is how Aunty tripped, flew forward, and broke 2 bones in her left forearm recently. As Aunty struggled up, holding her dirty misshaped wrist and battling shock, Toshi was not concerned and of no help.  ...

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Yellow for Yellowing Teeth?

Aunty's blog friend Kay of Musings recently posted about whitening her teeth with Crest Whitestrips.  It worked beautifully - Kay's teeth became movie star white - but had a few cautionary issues with sensitivity and erosion. Aunty used to use whitening strips, or the "trays" that are formed as troughs to fit and soak uppers and lowers in bleach solutions, but has recently opted for a cheaper, possibly safe ...

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