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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Nerium AD – Age Defying and Income Generating

Aunty was introduced to this anti aging night cream by our very patient ballroom dance instructors Erik and Naomi Takai in June of 2012. This is a product that works, period.  Aunty looks younger with smoother skin, less wrinkles, lighter brown spots, and now Aunty goes out without makeup! Even Uncle uses it because it is easy, super easy.  After washing the face at night (or after he "bafes"), he puts 4 pu ...

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Kim chee soup for the soul

Uncle got a really bad cold - sinus, cough, sniffles, short of breath - really bad.  One of the best reasons to just zone out and watch tv is because you are sick and can't do much else. So what does Uncle watch?  Korean dramas by the scoreful.  And every Korean drama has a scene or more of people eating Korean food with gusto and rice being stuffed into their already full mouths because it tastes so good. ...

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Favorite Restaurants

Recommended if you want to impress with reasonable yuppy yummy food: Lucky Belly, 50 N. Hotel Street in Downtown Honolulu on the corner of Smith and Hotel Streets.  This is like high end food - what you would expect at Alan Wong's if he really scaled his prices down - in a kind of grungy area.  Once you are inside, it is very young and hip looking with small tables and big rectangle plates.  Not only will i ...

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Nerium – a business review

[Update note December 2013:  Here is an email sent to all Nerium distributors by the CEO Jeff Olson.:  "In the last couple of days there seems to be increased competition between our company and another significant and respected company in our industry. It is not our style or culture to target another company in any way. There are two ways to have the tallest building, either by building yours the tallest o ...

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The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is one of three people Aunty would pick if stranded on an island.  He recently came to speak at the inaugural Pillars of Peace symposium in Honolulu on April 15, 2012. Aunty delayed purchasing tickets, and they were soon sold out.  Very sad, Aunty was almost resigned to not being able to go, and then good friend Ellie called out of the blue and asked, "Sistah, you like go with me to see the D ...

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11 Ways to Build an $11 Million Business

JT Foxx said he would give us 11 ways to build (up) a business, and he delivered on his promise.  He said if you do one of these things, you will build a $1,000,000 business; 2 of them = $2,000,000, etc.  Maybe, maybe not.  I am sure he can and has.  It was good stuff, that's for sure.  Here's an audio file of JT's presentation:  11 ways  (please note that it takes 4 minutes to download this 42 minute audio ...

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Gavin Tsuda’s Tactics

Gavin's 8 steps for small business leadership was in military speak.  He has used these steps in combat and still uses them today in all aspects of his life.  Planning parties, business objectives, investing - following these 8 steps is the recipe for success.  Although these seem like "duh, I know that already" because you think you know these steps, ask yourself if you actually implement them.  If you do, ...

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Miscellaneous Tips

Get a PO Box near your home/business that you will visit frequently.  You might be put on a wait list, but keep checking and get one.  Then, change the address on your accounts, licenses, permits, insurance, car registrations, etc.  It is a level of security - if your purse or car gets broken into and the thieves have your keys, they don't know where you live since your PO box will be the address on all you ...

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Ken Wade’s Housing Alerts review

Aunty was subscribed to Ken Wade's Housing Alerts because it seemed like a good idea.  I believe Frank Chen of REI Club sent me a link (affiliate link in which he gets a percentage of the sale) and I sat through a very long, rather tedious webinar that showed a super simple way of gauging whether a particular real estate market was in a transitional period (not a particularly good time to buy or sell but ok ...

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Think Big – Aunty’s notes for your review

Think Big Hawaii happened over a 3 day weekend on October 26-28, 2012.  Here are Aunty's notes: THINK BIG October 26, 2012 Hawaii Convention Center (speakers in order of presentation, names are in capital letters and bold: REGGIE BASS: Make the decision that you are going to accomplish the goal. (Be lazer focused in your goal setting) Make the commitment to make it happen. Make sure you hold yourself accoun ...

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