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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Financing in Las Vegas

I use Wells Fargo in Las Vegas for our Nevada real estate entity.  Their online ease of use and level of customer service are exceptional.  My personal banker is Giovanni Anacta of the business banking division.  Giovanni helped me set up my business checking account and introduced me to a commercial lending officer as well as a mortgage loan officer.  I felt like the red carpet was rolled out for us.  Cont ...

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Playing Craps the Smart Way

Uncle doesn't gamble - which is good, because I love to.  When I go to Vegas, I don't play the slot machines because it has an inflated reputation of paying out big time with the reality of a fast way to lose money.  It is hope without much odds, but it makes for a fun way to sit and have free drinks. I like to play poker, especially when I get good hands.  Of course that is the only time I raise the bets a ...

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Investing in Hawaii

Hawaii is not the easiest place to invest, although there are ways to buy, rehab, and flip properties for a few thousand dollars profit.  With home prices in the half million and up range, there is little cash flow in buying and holding unless you are as smart and wise as Bill Harvey (now has a website! and will be able to meet him at almost any real estate meeting).  Maui has been hit pretty bad with forec ...

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Rehabbing in Hawaii

One thing about Hawaii is we feel more secure in knowing someone who knows someone they used rather than just calling a company from the yellow pages.  It isn't always true that the one with the biggest and best ad is the best company.  I rather use tried and true, and if we have had good results at a fair price from one person or company, we will use them again.  I also trust in the recommendations of frie ...

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Aunty the Realtor (update – not anymore)

Uncle would make a great real estate agent.  I never wanted him to be one because he is so handsome and charming - call it jealousy and control; I call it being smart and safe.  Well, we are getting older and it's time to let kites fly and dogs run. Paul Xavier & Co. (formerly Real Estate Xtreme) have presented a great opportunity to anyone who is already a licensed realtor or agent, or thinking of beco ...

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Financing in Hawaii

When we were just married and starting our family, an incredible opportunity arose for us to buy the house we loved and currently lived in.  We were renting, and kind of half arsedly looking for a place to buy.  I liked almost every house we looked at, but Uncle would say, "too hot", or "junk", or "no more lichee tree".  Then, the owner of the house we lived in offered the house to us for a great price (Haw ...

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Real Estate Book List

11 Real Estate Investing Books Investors Should Read by Frank Chen Reading Real Estate Investing books will make you a better Real Estate Investor. Here are my Top 11 Real Estate Investment Books you should put on your Need-To-Read List.1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (by: Robert Kyosaki) I believe this is a great book for the beginner investor because it has the capability of changing one’s thinking to influence one’ ...

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HiWire – no boys allowed!

Hawaii Women Real Estate Investors is the brainchild of Gail Slawson and Chelli Eich of Ocean Head Investment Group.  This is for HiRei members, and just for the girls (no boys allowed!) We used to meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the Nextage office from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at 98-029 Hekaha Street, #44 in Aiea/Pearl City.  Currently HiWire is looking for a new home and I will update when that is f ...

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Mangoes and Lost Opportunity

We have a white pirie mango tree in our yard.  Our good friend Charin gave it to us as a sapling.  I waited for years for the little sapling to grow bigger and bigger, and one year it gave fruit!  It was delicious.  Juicy, sweet, smooth, ambrosia for the senses and tongue. Unfortunately for any of our plants, one of my interests is bonsai trees.  I love the look of spreading branches, controlled growth and ...

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Master Sha in Honolulu this week!

About 3 years ago, Aunty saw Master Sha at the McKinley High School Auditorium, and was almost electrified. He taught us a funny song - Lu La Lu La Li, and about how he came to be a servant of the Divine/God/Allah/etc. He was a cute man, not what I imagined a powerhouse to be. It was an evening of really weird weather - lightning without thunder. Uncle, being of very strict Christian belief, did not want to ...

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