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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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PACE Up-Down

One of the most important features of PACE workouts - accelerate the challenge by shortening rest periods, and by getting up near – but not at – your maximum intensity faster with each set. Incrementally, progressively increase the intensity. PACE isn’t about going all out as hard as you can. You always leave yourself a little bit of room in your workout where you could have gone harder. As you get closer t ...

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Michael Masterson’s Good Health Strategies

Michael Masterson is a financial guru and motivator par excellence.  In an April 2011 newsletter article he wrote about having a richer life by enjoying better health.  His biological fitness is that of a younger person, and his lung capacity rated as a 26 year old. He attributes his health and fitness to three things:  How he eats, How he exercises, and How he heals himself. Diet He eats using Dr. Atkins l ...

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McDougall the Potato Man

Pal Starley sent me a very long video on a movie with Dr. Esselstyn, so Aunty watched the intro, and then got sidetracked by other video links (you know the way YouTube has all those related videos on the right side) and started looking at those, and then really got into watching Dr. McDougall and his fascinating presentation on "Why Did Steve Jobs Die?", which got me looking at more of his videos by the ve ...

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Uggghh.  Aunty has recently had bouts with vertigo.  I try to "ride" it out - the way you ride a rollercoaster and try to just go with the flow of the ride rather than jump off.  I know it will stop soon, and then I can relax. The wonder of our bodies is that it gives us signals when something is not right.  I usually don't go to the doctor, but this made me go get a checkup.  Dr. Lana Arakaki (great new do ...

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Cuts and Wounds

Anti Infection formula is a small little bottle of tincture that will send you screaming in pain upon initial contact, and then make you glad to be alive.  My kids hate and love the stuff.  The baby in the family is an aggressive soccer player.  In the middle of the high school season, she did a slide tackle to remove the ball from a player.  In the process she scraped the entire side of her right thigh and ...

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Digestion and Elimination

This is important.  Really really important. Aunty could have been the poster child for constipation, but it was so normal not to go, I didn't know I was constipated!  Imagine never having the inconvenience of going to the bathroom while on trips, camping, in school or out in public.  I thought it was terrific and didn't even give it a thought as to where all that waste in my body disappeared after each mea ...

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Dr. Titchenal’s Bone Health for Aunty

Here's my edited email from good and wise professor friend, Dr. Alan Titchenal when I asked him about my very low bone density, and what my options were since I didn't want to take Fosomax: As always, it was great to see everyone again, catch up a bit, and cover lot's of territory on what's interesting us or bugging us.  I guess we are getting older, because the topic got into health challenges a bit.  To f ...

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The Power of Natto

Reasons why we should all eat natto. So what if it is stinky and slippery. Read the part about preventing senility. Our #1 killer has now been hunted down and stopped by Dr. David Williams. Dr. David Williams has scoured the planet and returned with solutions to virtually every common health problem. High cholesterol does not cause heart attacks or strokes, and lowering your cholesterol will not give you an ...

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Nattokinese the clot buster

Nattokinese is denatured natto in capsule form. Natto is fermented soy beans - a Japanese food that looks and acts like goo that would rival swallowing a goldfish in do or dare challenges. My sister had a clot in her neck that was causing a 75% blockage. She was on cholesterol medication and under a doctor's care. She decided to try Nattokinese and in less than a month, her blockage was down to 25%! A bonus ...

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Natural Healing

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing.  Drugs and surgery can do wonders. Natural healing techniques can also do wonders - usually slower, but sometimes faster, better and without side effects. What upsets me is when people shun natural healing and call it quackery by telling me a story about somebody's brother's cousin's wife's grandmother who died because she didn't go to the doctor and instead treated her ...

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