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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Moore Wealth Secrets

I attended my first CashFlow game at the invitation of Teresa Moore of MooreWealth.  It was held in the beautiful Executive Center on Bishop Street this past Sunday. To play CashFlow is an educational, attitude opening experience.  Everyone interested in their financial well being would benefit from playing the game. To play CashFlow with Teresa's rules is faster, simpler, and mind blowing.  Somewhere in th ...

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Leap of Faith

Today I attended a YWCA meeting and Cash Flow game - because Robert Kiyosaki's sister Tenzin Kacho was present.  I read Rich Brother, Rich Sister and was fascinated by the intertwining of 2 very different lives of siblings growing up in Hawaii - one pursuing financial wealth, the other pursuing spiritual growth. Robert Kiyosaki is a powerhouse of investing and building businesses.  I hope to meet him one da ...

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Anyone hear of Roger Hamilton?

I know - sounds like the name of a movie star - that 007 actor Roger something. Roger Hamilton is a life guru.  Very wealthy, very wise, very spot on.  Would love for him to be our son-in-law. Anywho, thanks to Raymond Aaron's subscription, I have access to this really great interview on 8 ways to create wealth.  Download to listen or read, and grow:  Roger Hamilton interview. I usually download, import int ...

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More travel tips

I felt unprepared for our trip to Los Angeles recently - but the fault usually lies with me since I tend to wait until the last day to pack. I took some notes and hope it helps.  Please also check out my other pages on travel. Hawaiian Airlines now has fixed air conditioning vents that hit the seated passenger.  This constant airflow on my head causes my eyes to dry out more than normal and I get travel red ...

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Good one for achieving what you want

Craig Ballantine took over the reins of Early to Rise from Michael Masterson.  I thought that there was no way anyone could fill the void - but I am so pleasantly surprised to find that Craig is as good and sometimes even better at sharing and mentoring. Here is a link to a video Craig has just made about achieving your goals.  It starts off the same as most goal setting advice - write down your 10 year goa ...

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Rich Dad free training review

Went to a free 2 hour Rich Dad Education “Learn to be Rich” training recently.  The speaker was an excellent salesman - offered additional training for 3 whole days in a class that would teach everything needed to get rich with real estate investing for the bargain price of $199. I have gone through the Rich Dad seminars, beginning with the free 2 hour introductory training to the $199 (used to be $500) 3 d ...

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Robert Kiyosaki Boardroom minutes by Aunty

Here are some notes I took while listening to Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, along with some of their advisers at a "Boardroom Meeting" earlier this year.  He paints a grim picture, but he does (IMO) have a finger on the pulse. Cash is trash.  Savers are losers.  The economy is in the worse condition ever, and it is global. Old methods don’t work anymore - so you have to ask yourself what will work.  Because of t ...

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With expert eyes like Max….

Max Whitmore is a sometimes contributor to BawldGuy's website. I always look forward to his wisdom. I signed up for email updates, and this latest gem is what I received in my inbox: ON THE EDGE OF ……WHAT?  10-3-11  By Max Whitmore I promised that from time to time, as conditions warranted it, I would send a follow-up to my original article about what the charts tell me might be coming over the next year, g ...

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Just found – another website with fab discounts!

Thanks to friend Brenda, here is a website (suggest you bookmark it) that offers great discounts for places we all go to for ono kine grinds!  Choose the restaurant and print the coupon.  Some of the places I go to such as Makinochaya, Maple Garden, PF Changs. One name that always catches my eye is Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant in McCully.  Years ago, John Heckathorn reviewed the restaurant fo ...

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