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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Mai’s Beauty is Aunty’s top stylist

Our youngest daughter Rosie used to go to a hair stylist that she thought was the best, but we were never impressed.  One day she decided to cut her hair to shoulder length.  It was so bad, she went to her boyfriend's barber/stylist, Mai at Mai's Beauty & Barber to get it fixed.  For less than half the price, Mai styled her butchered bad cut into something really cute and flattering.  Each time she went ...

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Aunty’s best turkey day = no cook, just buy

This year, Aunty was at a loss because the terrific cooking daughter of the family was living on the Mainland and not coming back.  Aunty had never cooked a bird bigger than a chicken and had always relied on someone else expertly cooking the turkey - so lucky, so happy, so spoiled, but now... What to do this year?  Attempt to cook a huge bird that is very easy to mess up, drop, ruin?  Or try the Zippy's tu ...

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Easy Easy Costco Burritos

This was a recipe link from Amy Lynn Andrews, a blogger that I follow because she gives good website advice.  She also shares good tips, and this recipe was super EASY! Easy is important, because Aunty does NOT cook very well, and is the take-out queen of plate lunches and zip meals.  However, fresh and hot is better for the family, so if you have good easy recipes to share, please DO share with Aunty. Trut ...

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Consignment Center in Kahala, Sweet!

The old Tony Roma across from Kahala Mall was never the same after it left.  A few failed businesses and a lot of vacant months seemed a shame, for such a prime location.  Recently, a bright lighted sign would catch Aunty's eye every time she drove by on Waialae Avenue, "Consignment Center - Furniture, Art & Antiques", Ola! It was a gotta-check-out kind of place, and one day, Aunty drove into the very l ...

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Viva Aloha Las Vegas!

Aunty just returned from a 5 day trip to Vegas. Unpacking suitcases is both fun and a bother, though this time it was easy because ALL of the packed clothes were used, and thus needing to be washed, the only store visited was Trader Joes, and one suitcase was dedicated to supplies, tools, and projects from the fabulous Clay Carnival that Donna Kato puts on year after year. Aunty's packing post was helpful j ...

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Ala Moana Hotel auction and update

Aunty was again at the Courthouse steps (actually it is the lanai fronting the courthouse) to try her hand at bidding for an Ala Moana Hotel room unit this Tuesday at noon.  The foreclosure notice was found in the classified section of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser - the bank was due $215,458 with arrears, late charges, etc. Aunty went to its Sunday open house about a month ago, met Jenny the commissioner in ...

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Sugru, like Super Putty on steroids!

Aunty loves Sugru.  It can fix almost ANYthing.  It air hardens to a tough flexible rubber in a day.  It is like super glue, polymer clay, and Playdoh, all rolled into one little package.  It is a bit pricey and comes in little bitty blister packages to keep the air out.  It can attach to wood, metal, rocks, plastic, rubber, glass, paper, and almost everything, except air and water. Aunty will update in ano ...

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Out, out, dang spots!

(Warning!  This product contains mercury.  Aunty did an update on this issue.) Ever since Aunty turned 50, brown spots started showing up on her face, arms, and legs.  These are sometimes called liver spots.  Whatever they are called, they are unwanted and unsightly, and they started getting bigger and darker on Aunty's cheeks and arm.  Very visually irritating, you know? Aunty tried all kinds of products, ...

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Whatcha doing?

Nick Polizzi is the Director at The Sacred Science team.  Aunty forgets how she found them, but it began with watching a documentary that they did in the jungles of Peru, taking 8 very ill people to a healing camp.  No running water, no electricity, bugs and critters, strange rituals, and primitive smashed root and bark meals prepared by people that did not speak their language, at all.  One of the rituals ...

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To Lotus, or not to Lotus

2 years ago, Aunty saw a lotus plant for sale at Koolau Farmers.  The flower was huge and simply gorgeous, rising above the water and leaves and smelling wonderful.  It was rather pricey at $75 and Aunty wasn't ready for it yet. Last year, Aunty was ready and went to a lotus repotting class at Mulkern Nursery in Waimanalo on a dreary wet Saturday in February with good friend, Bocho.  It was a great class ab ...

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