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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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Aunty’s computer posture – fix!

Aunty's posture has been deteriorating - maybe because of entering the older lady phase of life, but maybe not. TaiChi is helping with balance.  Still, poor posture from sitting hours at the computer watching Korean dramas, blogging, inputting into Quickbooks, google searching, checking emails, etc. etc. etc. was taking its toll.  Playing Kuku-Kube (thanks or No thanks to Jalna, lol) has really made Aunty s ...

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Make you KuKu

One of Aunty's favorite daily escapes is going over to Jalna's blog and seeing wassup.  (see? Aunty can do hip talk too!) Jalna's latest is about her score on a game that Aunty got hooked on for the last hour or so, as evidenced by an overworked right hand and mouse and for some odd reason, a very exhausted and sore left arm. It is called kuku kube - a game of color - lasting exactly 1 minute long, though i ...

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Ahlin’s Thai Spicy Sauce

Aunty's friend Ahlin is a terrific cook.  Sometimes she makes Thai green curry, Pad Thai, green papaya salad, unreal pork chops, etc.  All unreal delicious.  What makes it all even better is that she shows Aunty how to cook, several times. Since Aunty is a slow learner in the kitchen (actually, Aunty is a take out queen of the highest degree), a video was made, and Joe Young at the Apple Store taught Aunty ...

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Aunty is the type of person that holds everything in.  It was how I was raised, and it has served me well thus far.  Maintaining pride, avoiding shame, putting on a smiling face that says that everything is alright.  Very Japanese.  My ancestors would be proud of me. This tradition and upbringing has been Aunty's cloak of invisibility and comfort.  This has been possible because of the undeniable Universal ...

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What are you holding on to?

This was originally written 2 years ago and not posted until today, in concurrence with Aunty's "Sharing" post. During the 8th session with Dr. Hana Yin at Brain Fitness Hawaii (no longer in business), something popped into Aunty's consciousness. It started with a question:  What are you holding on to? For Aunty, it was anger and resentment, holding on to bad memories, recalling of upsetting words spoken, a ...

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Aunty goes to Court – 2 Strikes and a Walk

Hawaii's courtrooms are very beautiful with a lot of quality wood on the walls, long gorgeous church-like pews, paneled dividers, and the dominating elevated judge's bench. Two months ago, Aunty received a subpoena as a witness to appear in court for a hit and sleep (girl fell asleep and her drifting car clipped Aunty's parked car and nearly totaled the neighbor's car) 3 years ago at 3:00 in the morning.  E ...

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Style Book app

2 weeks ago, at Michael Mazzella's free Jam session on real estate flipping in Hawaii, Aunty saw Margaret, a fellow real estate investor friend.  We did a bit of girl talk chat after the session and Aunty mentioned Marie Kondo's book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying" and how it was truly changing Aunty's life.  (Post to come, one day soon.) Well, Margaret went home, downloaded the book and took to it li ...

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How much internet speed do you need?

Aunty gets confused whenever computer/internet numbers are spouted for gigabytes of space, ram, speed, etc.  We currently have Oceanic Time Warner for our cable/internet connection and occasionally use our iPhone's internet connection when Oceanic's system acts up (quite often). Sometimes, Oceanic sends our flyers about getting more speed, for free, and even more, for a few dollars more each month.  Current ...

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Buying a piece of Ala Moana Hotel

Aunty used to go to a lot of marketing events at the Ala Moana Hotel, parking at Ala Moana Center by Macy's, which was a no-no but everyone did it without any hassle.  From there, a short walk up a ramp took us into the ballroom section of the hotel. Rumours Night Club just off the lobby is a hoot!  Aunty is not into the nightclub scene but decided to join some friends years ago during the happy hour.  We h ...

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Swap Meet up for Bloggers

A long awaited day arrived this morning at the Kam Swap Meet with  Art and Kay of Musings and Jalna & sisters of Photos by Jalna. This was an EARLY morning meeting, which Aunty is NOT good at, but, when the incentive is there, Aunty manages to crawl out of bed with the chiming of an alarm, down her cereal and coffee, gather what needs gathering, and out the door in many minutes flat.  Having tattooed ey ...

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