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Avocados, Bananas, and the Olympics

CIMG0579What do these 3 things have in common?  A friend named Wandaful.  She is a wonderful (hence her nickname Wandaful) person and a sharer of useful information.  The first 2 are super useful tips for preserving Aunty’s favorite perishable fruits.  The last is eye candy for the senses.

#1 Avocados

One day, Wandaful came by and gave Aunty 3 perfectly ripe avocados from her Sam’s Club bag of 6.  Aunty loves to eat bacon avocado sandwiches but didn’t have bacon in the refrigerator at the time.

Wandaful’s great tip saved the day.  She said to wrap each avocado tightly with plastic wrap and store them in the refrigerator until ready to eat.

Indeed, it worked, exceptionally well! Here are the avocados after 1 week, then 2 weeks.  Perfect and not over ripe OR dried up!!!

#2 Bananas

Have you bought a bunch of bananas and have them ripen all at the same time, and end up throwing away the blackened over ripe ones after a few days?  Waste money.

Wandaful suggested putting the just right ripe bananas in a brown paper bag (okay….that’s what to do to hasten the ripening process of green bananas).  However, instead of keeping them out on the table, put the bag in the refrigerator.  Aunty tried this for 2 weeks.  It sorta worked.  Both the table top control banana (single one that soon became black) and the refrigerated bunch of bananas were still good to eat, though the black one was a bit mushier.  What might have been a big factor is that these were Apple bananas which have a MUCH longer shelf life than regular bananas and remain firm even though they look rotten.

#3 Visual eye candy

Wandaful sends Aunty an email about checking out a special Japanese artist by signing in on Google.  Huh?  How does one sign in to Google?  After Aunty’s confusion, she sent the name of the artist – Eiko Ishioka.  This is a neato lady that passed away in 2012.  She did strange and fantastic media art.  Aunty took exceptional attention to the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremony of 2008 Chinese drummers that Eiko art-directed with its physically staggering optics and performance.

Behold and enjoy: [Aunty’s update: to view, click on “Watch on YouTube” and the video will open and play.]

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