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Be wary, Be careful

This was sent by concerned friends/family and is worth reprinting here.  Bad people preying on other people’s kindness is becoming a dangerous and repulsive ploy.  Like the police sargeant in that New York Blues police show (forgot the name) would say just prior to releasing his group after briefing, “Hey!  Be careful out there..”

Want to let you all know of a true story.  Sherri’s (Aunty JoAnne’s daughter) friend’s mother was at Walmart on Keeaumoku St. and was walking to her car in the parking garage when she passed a car and saw an old lady slouched down between two cars and moaning .  She was ready to go and help this lady but was also a bit scared because of a lot of bad things that seem to happen when you offer assistance.  She stood for a few seconds then walked passed the car and called 911.  She thought it was odd that the moaning from that old looking lady was not as loud so when she walked back to see this lady but from a distance, the moaning started to be loud again.  Well, she said that HPD came so fast and when she waved them down, one of three HPD cars stopped right where she was.  This old lady got up and started to run.  She was apprehended by several HPD officers that responded and store security.  Turned out that this lady was a man and he had a big blade knife in his duster that he tried using to fight off the officers.  He was apprehended.  Sherri said if it were her mother-in-law who saw this guy dressed like an old lady, she would have immediately gone over to help and could have gotten seriously injured or killed (her mother-in-law likes to help seniors).

Sherri shared this story with us when we were at dinner one night and said she always receive emails with similar stories but was never sure if they were true.  She said this is so true and her friend’s mom was so shaken up when she realized that she could have been in danger.  I guess we must all be very cautious in parking lots, public restrooms, parks, stores and even on roadways.  I still remember the young lady driving on the Pali highway many years ago who pulled over when a car in the back of her put on his blue light.  She was never found after that.  The thing is, this guy’s blue light was in his car grill.  Cops never have blue lights in their grills.

Anyway, be safe and be aware of your surroundings as you walk, get in your car, strap in children, etc.  Be careful getting in your car especially when parked next to a van.

Free 411 assistance:
When you need to use the 411 information option, simply dial 1(800)FREE 411,  or 1 -800 -373-3411 without incurring any charge at all.

Here’s a tip about your car’s GPS from friend Cynthia of M&H’s kitchen:

“Don’t program your home’s exact location into your GPS.  Incidents are occuring where GPS are stolen from cars and all they have to do is hit home on your GPS and instantly they are at your house when you are not.
Program a commercial place nearby that you can get home from, such as your local police station, a bar or the pharmacy as your home. Be careful when naming your other contacts such as your parents house, better to say police, shoe store, soccer game and such.
I learned this from a fellow RE/MAX Agent at our retreat. He said it’s happening at Yankee games. The thieves know where you will be for the next 4 hours. I thought it was brilliant when he said he programmed the 22nd Precinct to his. Tell all your friends to do the same.”

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