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Bidet for Butts

Pal Wanda had a very expensive $800+ electronic bidet installed a couple of years ago, much to the curiosity of Aunty.  According to her, it was wonderful.  Aunty took her word for that, but never had an opportunity to try it out.

A bidet – pronounced “bid day” – is an attachment (or sometimes it is the toilet seat itself) that is designed to wash your butt hole after you do #2.  It is common in finer establishments in Europe, Japan, and Korea.  Basically, a stream of water shoots out after you do #2, in the area of the source of #2, and after a few seconds (longer if you like it, ahem) you are “clean” of #2 residue and a simple wipe with toilet paper leaves one’s sphincter and butt clean and dry.

Sounds wonderful in a weird way, but Aunty never really saw the benefit of having one at home until Uncle had to come home after having surgery, and one of Aunty’s tasks was to wipe his butt (I know, tmi, tmi.)

Pal Dale told us about a cheap bidet he had bought on, how easy it was to install, and how he loved it.  This cheap bidet did not require electrical hookup.  Whaaaa?  Pal Wanda’s could adjust from cool to warm, blow dry, and maybe even massage (at $800+ it should have many options).  Pal Dale’s was a simple tap into the cold water supply that feeds into the toilet tank.  Deluxe luxury or basic and plain?

Desperation and the need for speed prompted Aunty to order one from – Joy Bidet C-1 – the cheapest one with the simplest set up, and good online reviews.  In fact, Aunty ordered 2 in order to get free shipping, and it arrived in 2 days!

It was rather simple to install, even a cave man could do it, nyuk nyuk nyuk.  However, the top plastic t-connection kept leaking so rather than tell Uncle the mechanic, Aunty opened the 2nd box and used the plastic t-connection from that set and shazaaam! everything was nicey tidy cleany weany.

The true test for anything new that enters our home is Uncle’s stamp of approval.  The worst grade is when Uncle declares, “Stay JUNK!”  So, Aunty was filled with a bit of apprehension on the maiden trial of our new Joy Bidet.

Uncle entered the stall with a face of pre-determined distrust – or maybe it was a face in pain from surgery recovery.  Slowly he sat, very slowly.  That was definitely from surgery recovery pain.  He sat, and sat, and sat, holding a pillow to his tummy in order to put pressure on the area of the very large incision.  After what seemed like eons (time moves very slowly when waiting for someone else to poop), Uncle made #2, hurray!!

Sit, Uncle, sit!  Turn the dial of the bidet – nothing at first….then whooosh! whoa! splish splash, Uncle’s face lit up with surprise and joy!  He liked it, he liked it!  Too cold?  Not at all, said a very happy Uncle.

This was good.  Aunty the Nurse now did not have as stinky a job during the weeks after post op recovery.  The bidet is economically beneficial since it only cost $28 online and we now use much less toilet paper.  The installation was easy and the water from the tap line was comfortable – in fact, the temperature of the water was pleasantly just right!

A few tips if you plan on getting one:

1. Aunty went for the Joy Bidet C-1 since it was the cheap one, and pal Dale said the cheap one was the good one  – it is simple to use and has a turn dial from low to high.  Low is more than ample.  Aunty heard that some friends got a different and more expensive brand with a lever adjuster, and theirs had water pressure that was too high for the females’ butts in the household.

2. Wait for a good deal because right now the one we just got for $28 is now $200 on  That’s nuts.  Might be better to instead get the newer model, the Joy Bidet C-2, self cleaning for $36 on Amazon with free shipping.  Or, go to the website and order directly from the manufacturer for $40 plus shipping.  [Update note:  the Joy C-1 is again available for under $28.  Aunty has no idea who the $200 vendor is, but they are big doo-doos, imo.]

3.  Search on Google if you want to see video instructions.  The written and drawn instructions are simple and good enough, BUT, instead of attaching the hose to the water supply first, install the top connections first, and attach the hose to the water supply last.  The lines won’t twist and kink as much and it is SO much easier.

4.  If it leaks from the t-connector, it might be that the t-connector or gasket is defective.  Over tightening will not help.  Aunty now needs to find a replacement plastic t-connector for the spare Joy Bidet that was purchased on Amazon.  [update:  Joy Bidet will be sending a replacement for free to Aunty!]

5.  Sit and enjoy.  You now have a throne worth at least a 60% savings on toilet paper.

[News update and recommendations:  While talking story with friends, Aunty heard that this type of bidet can be a problem for women since the water shoots the sphincter discharge forward, which may enter us women’s privates and be the cause of urinary tract infection.  To minimize that problem, Ladies, block and cover your womanly genitals with some toilet paper while the water is spraying, OR, opt for the expensive electronic toilet seat models.  Water from those expensive luxurious ones come from a different angles, even oscillating and acting like a sideways water show.  MUCH more expensive, but the options of warm water, gentle and varying cycles, and blow drying sound like heaven.]


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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • milard wilbers

    Had a plastic one once—it lasted about 4 weeks. Bought a go-bidet all metal unit and it has lasted 10 years. suggest you check out the better quality ones before getting a unit that will leak all over when it breaks.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Milard. Only 4 weeks! The one I have is still working well with no leaks. I do believe that the Joy company would have replaced it if it broke in 4 weeks, since they were super nice and sent me extra connectors when the first install didn’t go so well. Ever since then, it has been good to go, heh heh.

  • Musings

    I really like the sound of this!!! It’s so MUCH CHEAPER! Thank you very much for telling me.

    • Aunty

      At first, I thought that the cold water would be uncomfortable, but it really wasn’t too bad. My husband LOVED it. But we woman must use toilet paper to block the water flow from the back to our “ahems” to prevent possible infection. Men don’t have that problem because they have a natural “dam” with their olos.

  • jalna

    You are absolutely amazing! We have one of those expensive bidets. Wendell got it for our Aunty here at our house. But I’ll let Wendell know about your find. Maybe he can install um on our other toilets.

    • Aunty

      This is one of those wonderful cheap luxuries that took us SO long to finally try – and it is LOVE at first splash! It is again available on from a seller that has the Joy c-1 listed for $28 – so if you buy 2, shipping is free, or if you buy the more expensive C-2 model for $36, shipping is free.
      btw, I just got my replacement t-valve from the Joy Bidet company – in fact they sent me 2!!! Good company with good product. They use metal braided hoses – much better than their competition.
      Happy happy joy joy!!

  • Cookie

    I must say, I learn a lot from reading your emails. They really are so enlightening. Just came back from Tokyo last night, where most toilets (including public restrooms) have bidets. Not a luxury that Americans can have in public places since we are slobs & do not possess the character to keep restrooms clean & toilets in good working order. Toilets would be vandalized, knobs would be broken, and so on.

    Because Cara of Joy Bidet customer care is providing you with such good service, I went ahead and purchased the Joy C2-SC Bidet. Self-Cleaning. Fresh Water Spray. Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment from 2Go Products LLCon Amazon. It comes with free shipping; only the expected date of delivery is on Jan. 4. How did you get yours in 2 days? Just wondering.

    If we have trouble installing our bidet, we’re coming over to check out yours.
    Take care of uncle, and hope to see you soon.
    Happy holidays and clean okoles.
    Your tomodachi,

    • Aunty


      Our expected date of delivery when I ordered was about 8-10 days, BUT, it arrived in 2! Sometimes that’s how it works out from Amazon.

      Don’t push Black off of the throne if he sits longer than his usual. Maybe you should have bought 2 bidets, just saying.


  • Joy Bidet


    We thank you very much for this wonderful review of our Joy Bidet C-1. We always appreciate customer feedback and hope that we can continue to serve your needs.

    Our Joy Bidet C-1 is covered under a 12 month warranty. We will be happy to send you a free replacement t-adapter as the bidet was just recently purchased.

    Feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions or comments.

    Joy Bidet Customer Care

    • Aunty

      That is SO awesome, Cara! I have read reviews of the other brands, and glad that I chose the Joy Bidet over them. The quality is great, and now I also know that the customer service is terrific, too!

      Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!!!



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