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Brain Fitness Hawaii Review

Our daughter signed up for Brain Fitness Hawaii sessions because of anxiety last year.  She did well and suggested that I also try it, since I am always under stress.

It is true.   Aunty IS always under stress, juggling too many things, taking care of too much stuff.  Stress makes Aunty thrive.  However, this time, I was at a point in my life with a truckload of crap of my shoulders.  I had extreme tension, and my body, psyche, and emotions were at a boiling point.

Was time to go

I signed up for 10 2 hour sessions for $1200, which was a super discounted price for Aunty.  Best results are achieved with the series of 10 – this will ensure that the benefits of the therapy are more permanent.

Dr. Hana Yin is a beautiful warm doctor with one foot in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and the other in modern technological advances for our brain.  She speaks softly and listens deeply.  Each session is tailored to the individual depending on what they need from day to day.  Her place is hard to find the first time, it is on Ena Road, the street behind the Alana Waikiki Hotel.  Aunty learned to valet park at the Alana Waikiki and walk through the lower parking to enter the Alana Waikiki Business Center.

First session

The first session was to help me deal with the intensity of my stress.  Earpods in my ears would bleep and ping, with occasional music and soothing voices.  A pair of light pulsing shades (keep eyes closed!) played patterns that filled my “vision”.

A bit strange, but I felt calmer and went to attend a commitment that very evening that I was not looking forward to.  This session must have helped because I was not on edge, I think I seemed very normal, I was able to handle some rather shocking events there with ease.  Thank you, Dr. Hana!

2nd session

This was about building my imaginary safe place, soaring, making a nice place to be.  This time, the first half was pleasant music and reading soothing philosophies on the tv screen.  Very “new age” music and art promoting peace, love, forgiveness and all the stuff that we really do need, whether we know it or want it.

3rd session

This was about relationships, and Dr. Hana led me through a series of imaginary steps to visualize confrontations or issues with people in my past and present.  For some odd reason, I felt more stressed after the session.  I was told to go home and take at least 30 minutes for myself in a quiet space, and spoil and take care of myself.  I began to journal, handwriting my thoughts, my wants, my needs.  Dr. Hana insisted that it be handwritten, and so I complied.

By this time, although I still had that truckload of crap that I was carrying, I felt that it would be okay.  That is a good thing.

4th session and others

The 4th session was about love and miracles.  Mostly eyes closed and visualization.  It made me very tired and I dozed off several times.  Dr. Hana also did a stress test on my brain to see how elastic it is.  She said I did well.

The sessions that followed were not as powerful as the previous ones, and, truth to tell, Aunty forgot what most of them were about – Dr. Hana tailored each session to what I needed at the time.

10 sessions in a row felt like a work schedule towards the end – but Aunty kept on going because Dr. Hana said that 10 sessions would really make the benefits of the therapy last for good.  The last 2 sessions were pretty heavy stuff, and Aunty fell asleep several times.  Dr. Hana would say that was great.

Sometimes the vocals or music would be irritating to Aunty and cause more stress.  If it is so for you, let Dr. Hana know so she can check the brainwave patterns and adjust for beneficial results.

Sometimes Aunty would get some AHA! moments of wisdom, some were fleeting, some stayed with me.  Example is about holding on. (note to Aunty -link to post after formatting.)

Did it work?

It really did!  In the beginning, Aunty was a stress case heading for a wreck because of extreme stress, racing heart, with a vise grip tightness on neck and shoulders.  Much of this was caused by current issues in Aunty’s life – Uncle’s health and one of our kid’s problems.  Aunty was at the point of it being really bad, shaking Aunty’s world.

Slowly a calmness would take over, and sometimes it would feel like a cloak of peace enveloping me and making everything just fine.

The power of peace

They say that love conquers all, and all you need is love, etc. etc.  Maybe that is true for some people, but what Aunty needed was inner peace, to be able to chill out and accept things as they are.  It’s good stuff and it’s still working, like riding on the Peace Train.

Check it out for yourself

The Brain Fitness services web page lists a lot of different products and services.  Unfortunately the services are not covered under medical health plans.  It really should be because then there would be a lot more contented people who are able to deal with their problems.

If you do go to see Dr. Hana, please tell her aloha from Aunty.

Peace be with you,



About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • jalna

    Whoa Aunty, I can relate. For me it’s not stress but worry. I worry and I fret and I get sad. I need to catch a ride on your Peace Train. But I like free ride. I no like pay big $$$.

    • Aunty


      Worry does not get us anywhere, but then it is hard not to do.
      I wish I could give you a ride on the Peace Train. One technique is breathing – and the ultimate is meditation. So, take a deep breath in, imagining fresh wonderful air and possibilities. Hold for 5 seconds (10 if you can). Then, exhale slowly imagining all the heaviness and problems of the day leaving with the exhale. Repeat. One day you will be meditating just by being aware of breathing.
      It does cost money for the 10 sessions, but it was priceless for me.

  • Martha McD

    Aloha Aunty,

    Long time, no talk or see….I’ve been only one of two participants in the last 2 HiWIRE meetings in Aiea:(

    I was sad to hear that you’re under so much stress and that Uncle is having health issues, but happy you took good care of yourself with this Brain Fitness stuff- good for you!

    Even if I don’t respond I still enjoy reading your articles.

    Much aloha,

    • Aunty

      Aloha Martha! Good for you that you are going to the HiWIRE meetings, although it’s sad that it is poorly attended. I have cut way back on commitments for now.
      Hope all is going well for you. If you go to the Wealth Summit, be frugal – use your funds to make money, not to make others rich.
      How’s your OtisInvestments website going?


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