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Brain test for fun

2013-03-31_14-29-00Friend Fay and Pal Les sent me this brain test – I suppose it is good exercise for the brain.  Don’t take this test if you are tired.

Numbers will appear on the screen.  Then, the screen will be blank with circles in the spots that the numbers previously appeared.  The point of this test is to click on circles in the order of the smallest denomination number to the highest denomination.  It can get tricky and the better you get the more numbers appear.

I wanted to see what the best score is – it couldn’t be 1 or 2 years old (younger and younger with each successful screen) – so I took snapshots of the screen and then could fill in the numbers in the correct sequence to get the maximum bestest score.  Of course some would call that cheating – I call it testing the test.  The score with all numbers correctly identified in all stages gave brain age “19”.

19 might be the age when the brain is at its peak of memory ability according to the test makers – but from Aunty’s point of view, a 19 year old has less to remember than someone Aunty’s age so it is natural that they can remember everything.  In any case, just take the test and get your brain exercised in a fun and frustrating way.

Here’s the link to the test:

Have fun!

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