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Brand Partner Training

2013-04-14_09-40-21A top distributor in another multi-level marketing company that has reached a six-figure income and has a team of thousands under him in several countries said that the key to being successful in a MLM company is the training.

Aunty half heartedly had tried other MLM companies with good products, and agrees with that statement – but another key factor is the level of commitment one has.

What Aunty can attest to is that Nerium International constantly and updatedly provides training to both new and “old” brand partners.

If you are a new brand partner, please sign in on your company website (your user name dot nerium dot com) and click on the very evident “New Brand Partner Training” or the Launch + Connect = Success. This will take you step by step in how to launch your business (make sure you opt in to Nerium Gives Back and communications).

Aunty attends brand partner trainings at Coach Deb’s house (Debby Yee is a major volleyball coach as well as our dynamic leader and uplink in Nerium) every Monday evening. We watch each week’s new Nerium University – though Aunty does have to admit that sometimes I nod off and zone out. The beginning of Nerium University on Mondays (log into your website, go to “Training”, scroll down to “Nerium University”) is the same lesson, delivered by different people, and the 2nd part of that webinar is on a more advanced training such as 3 way calls, leadership, etc. Aunty was so impressed by Darin Kidd’s version so I saved it and have it available here:

Nerium constantly provides more and more tools for us to grow awareness and presence for our business.

Here is a video about the how and why of hosting your own successful Real Results Party (RRP) by Tammy Smith.

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