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Protandim = Fountain of Youth?

protandimIn November, 2011,  Aunty went to a Protandim meeting with a good friend and I signed up to be a distributor.  What sold me on this were the testimonies as well as the research done on the product.  I have a page on Protandim, for I, myself am a walking testimonial taking one tablet a day.  I don’t have my usual cloudy vision in the morning when I just get up.  This video from PBS Healing Quest is this product’s best marketing tool:

Aunty was told to remove LifeVantage content from site, so no video, sorry.

If you like what you see and want to try Protandim for yourself, please go to Aunty’s LifeVantage website below and sign up or contact me at   Much mahalo, and here’s to your health!!

lifevantage website


(here are Aunty’s H1, H2, H3 tags – doing the test about SEO ranking for Google page listings.  If it works, Aunty will be updating on the Website page.  Mahalo in advance for putting up with Aunty’s antics and experiments!)

H1:  Buying Protandim at a discount, possibly for free!

How to buy Protandim at a discount?  Only one way that is possible, and you need 2 people or more.  First, you must be a preferred customer on autoship.  You will be paying the regular price plus tax and shipping ($40 +).  If friends or family want to buy Protandim or TrueScience Cream, have them go to a or any distributor’s website, choose “join LifeVantage”, choose “become a preferred customer” and in the next frame, have them put your customer i.d. number as the enroller so they are signed up under you.  As a result of their order, you will get 25% of their total product order credited to your next month’s auto ship order!  That is the only way to get a discount.  Distributors do not get any discount, period.  They do make large commissions (30-40%) on any new initial order and then 2% per month after that,  but they make nothing on initial orders from customers of customers.  Nada(!) on that first month (and thus this is not a promoted program, imo).  Then, after the first month, distributors make 2% of the order total, but the customer who signed up customer gets a 25% credit every month following their customers monthly order!  If the preferred customers have enough volume from their preferred customers, they could actually get their monthly order for free!

Aunty will post the preferred customer referral program on another page.

H2:  How to buy Protandim – from Aunty!

H3:  Where buy Protandim?  Here!

[That was kinda fun and easy to do!  Sorry if that was blatant.  This is an interesting exercise in Aunty’s learning curve.]

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