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Buying Protandim at a discount or for free!

protandimYou can get Protandim or True Science cream from LifeVantage at a discount or even for free with LifeVantage’s Preferred Customer Referral Program.  The company document follows.  Basically, you must sign up as a preferred customer (on autoship).  Then, you tell people about how the product has helped you and if they want to buy it, have them go to any LifeVantage website, click on “join Lifevantage”, and choose “enroll as a preferred customer”.  They will then put YOUR i.d. number into the enroller I.D. box so that YOU get the credit -25% of their order total off of your next month’s order.

Q. What is the Preferred Customer Referral Program?
A. This program rewards Preferred Customers as they share the benefits of our products with those who
they know and care about. If they do this, they will be able to offset or reduce their own expense when
they refer a friend who then enrolls as a Preferred Customer. The Preferred Customer who refers their
friend will be able to reduce their own Autoship expense each and every month for as long as their
referred customer continues to receive their Autoship.
Q. How will Distributors benefit from their customers?
A. As a Distributor you will earn 30% on the new Preferred Customer’s order, you will generate volume
through the Preferred Customer that your own personally enrolled PCs have referred. Over time your
Preferred Customer organization can grow and work for you.  [note to distributors: referred preferred customers of your PCs will NOT generate the 30% commission.  Note to those that just want to get Protandim at a discount or possibly for free: become a PC (preferred customer) rather than a distributor and sign your friends up under your preferred customer account.  Please see the last paragraph of this post about the only downside of this PC program.]
Q. Is there a fee to become a Preferred Customer or to refer a new Preferred Customer?
A. No. No fees are associated at the time of enrollment or referral.
Q. What are the requirements to be a Preferred Customer?
A. To become a Preferred Customer you need to purchase product (minimum is $30.00). The Autoship
Program is required.
Q. If I am a Preferred Customer will I receive a commission check for those who I refer?
A. No. Commissions are only paid to Distributors. However, with the Preferred Customer Referral
Program PCs can earn a discount when referring other PCs to our products upon the referral enrollment.
Q. If a Preferred Customer wants to become a Distributor, what do they pay to become a Distributor?
A. $50.00 is the enrollment fee for Distributors. If purchasing one of the Vantage Packs the $50.00 would
be included in these Packs.
Start Kit: $50.00 (0 PV) – Marketing Materials
Vantage Pack 1: $630.00 (400 PV) -­‐ 6 bottles of Protandim, 2 (10pk) Protandim sample packs, 2 (50ml)
bottles of TrueScience, 3 samples of TrueScience, includes marketing materials and a Start Kit.
Vantage Pack 2: $630.00 (400 PV) – 13 bottles of Protandim, includes marketing materials and a Start
Vantage Pack 3: $630.00 (400 PV) – 12 bottles of Protandim, 1 (50ml) bottle of TrueScience, includes
marketing materials and a Start Kit.
Q. What is the difference between a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer and Distributor?
A. Please see the table below:
Rank Status
Requirement Enrollment fee
Required* Price
Retail Customer Non-­‐Distributor Greater than 0 $0 No Retail
Preferred Customer Non-­‐Distributor Greater than 0 $0 Yes Wholesale
Distributor Distributor 100PV* or higher
$50 or Vantage
Pack Yes Wholesale
PV: Personal Volume (equals dollar amount)
Autoship: Automatic Monthly Order

This is something that you may not have heard of from LifeVantage distributors – because they will not make initial commissions on your referrals the way they can make 30-40% commissions the “regular” sign up way.   Also, distributors do NOT get any monthly discount no matter how many customers sign up under them, and instead get a monthly commission on volume.

I do not believe that this is a reflection on the part of the distributors, but instead think that this company policy sucks, to put it politely.  The benefit to distributors with this added volume is…….drumroll………..2% the following months, counted as GQV – group qualifying volume.  Compare this to a whopping 30% of new sign ups directly under them and then 2% per month, and you can see why distributors do not advertise this referral program from the start.

The downside to the preferred customer referral program is that if one of your referred customers goes out and gets a referred customer, you “lose” their 25% discount.  So, in a way, you wouldn’t really want to tell them to go out and get customers that sign up under them because now you will have to pay more .  Don’t know why the company has such a “punishment” clause in this program.  Maybe they may change it, sure hope so!

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  • Robert Nishimoto

    I want to order Protandim Nrf2 synergizer from you if possible. Let me know.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Robert, I emailed about Protandim. Sorry, I am no longer a distributor but my good friend Sandra is so I will connect the two of you so you can order Protandim from her. It is a very good product but I don’t use it anymore.

  • Phuong

    I want to become a distributor, can you help me

    • Aunty

      Aloha Phuong,

      Currently, the only countries that have distributorship rights are the USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, and Hong Kong.

      There is a minimum order for distributors – are you sure you want to be a distributor or would you rather be a customer? The prices are the same for either one.

      Mahalo (thank you) for your interest. Protandim is a great product!



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