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Here are pages for and about Nerium users, brand partners, and the curious. Aunty began as a distributor (brand partner) for Nerium in June 2012 and bolted out of the gates like a rabbit. The problem with the rabbit in the race is that it is hard to maintain the fast and furious pace. Now, Aunty is like the turtle, slow but steady. Nerium International is like the Small Deal card in Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow game – a small investment cost with potential cash flow for life. Aunty is constantly impressed with the heart and vision of this company and proud to be a Neriumite!

Nerium AD – Age Defying and Income Generating

Aunty was introduced to this anti aging night cream by our very patient ballroom dance instructors Erik and Naomi Takai in June of 2012. This is a product that works, period.  Aunty looks younger with smoother skin, less wrinkles, lighter brown spots, and now Aunty goes out without makeup! Even Uncle uses it because it is easy, super easy.  After washing the face at night (or after he "bafes"), he puts 4 pu ...

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