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Mostly tips for us mature people in our quest to be young and beautiful, but also some tips and subjects for all ages.

Yellow for Yellowing Teeth?

Aunty's blog friend Kay of Musings recently posted about whitening her teeth with Crest Whitestrips.  It worked beautifully - Kay's teeth became movie star white - but had a few cautionary issues with sensitivity and erosion. Aunty used to use whitening strips, or the "trays" that are formed as troughs to fit and soak uppers and lowers in bleach solutions, but has recently opted for a cheaper, possibly safe ...

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Be Be Cream = mercury bummers

Aunty was all excited to share her age spot busting discovery (thanks to Pal Cookie/Lee) in the inexpensive pink plastic Be Be Cream from Cambodia.  Truly, it worked!  Aunty's age spots faded to the point of wonderful - and people who got up close and touchy (face massage, hair dresser, etc.) would tell Aunty that she had beautiful skin, woo hoo! HOWEVER, a comment from reader Yuko on a recent post about mo ...

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Out, out, dang spots!

(Warning!  This product contains mercury.  Aunty did an update on this issue.) Ever since Aunty turned 50, brown spots started showing up on her face, arms, and legs.  These are sometimes called liver spots.  Whatever they are called, they are unwanted and unsightly, and they started getting bigger and darker on Aunty's cheeks and arm.  Very visually irritating, you know? Aunty tried all kinds of products, ...

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Super quick and easy hair coloring trick

Aunty met Pam Chambers at a Patsy Mink Center for Business and Leadership event, the first of 4 Personal Pathways at the Richards Street YWCA.   Pam's subject was about business etiquette.  It was terrific!  Aunty plans to sign up for at least 2 more in the series, the next one will teach Aunty how to be intriguing.... (auwe, Aunty can't go - too busy putting in a kitchen.  Maybe Aunty will wear sunglasses ...

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Lipstick, lipstick on the lips

Korean dramas on now have a LOT of commercials nowadays unless one subscribes to their Premium service for $9.95/month.  No thank you, since Aunty uses those commercial breaks to get water to drink or restack a pile of papers that needs attention. Anywho, one of the commercials was about long lasting lipstick by Revlon. Okay, guys, this really isn't a post for you.  However, it reminds me of ...

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Just for Aunties

As we get older, it shows.  I really like the wisdom part and the being comfortable in my own skin as I age.  Unfortunately, my skin, face, hair and body seem to be running away from what I used to look like faster and faster.  At some point Aunty will just give up, but for now, Aunty will invest time, effort and money to slow the process down. Here are a few pointers along the way: Kapiolani Women's Center ...

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Nerium for Real Results

If you go to Aunty's Nerium site: and click on "Real Results", you will be taken to a huge gallery of people's before and after pictures.  Some are amazing, really amazing.  Some are pretty good, good enough for them to post. Aunty's results are pretty good and Aunty is very pleased with the progress which continues on!  Well, maybe my results are not good enough to win the 90 day Real Resu ...

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Beauty tips

This is a page dedicated to all of us non-beauty queens who just want to look a bit better than usual with the least amount of effort. First of all, smile.  Nothing makes your face look better than a genuine smile. I also firmly believe in brushing my teeth with toothpaste after I drink my morning coffee.  Keeps my teeth white rather than brown and yellow.  I know this is hard if you work in an office but d ...

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Aunty will share what she currently takes and when Protandim comes up, it will sound like a sales pitch, so sorry in advance, but it is worth pitching, imo. Uncle swears by Super Food from American Botanical.  It is all the best green food stuff compressed into a green tablet.  Everyday, Uncle takes about 4 of them.  I take 2 if I remember.  This is a very good nutritional supplement especially since I don' ...

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Face stuff that works and sells like crazy

Aunty has been busy.  See that bottle on the left?  It is changing Aunty's life and face. There are a few things that can sell itself.  The first one to pop into mind is a Krispy Kreme donut as it comes off hot and fresh from the production line.  Or a brand new cute puppy that licks you and then looks up at you with loving eyes. If you're hungry, you're gonna buy more donuts.  If you're lonely or a softie, ...

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