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We are what we eat. Unfortunately, Aunty loves bacon, fried food, and glazed donuts. Change is coming, slowly and unwillingly, but necessarily.

McDougall the Potato Man

Pal Starley sent me a very long video on a movie with Dr. Esselstyn, so Aunty watched the intro, and then got sidetracked by other video links (you know the way YouTube has all those related videos on the right side) and started looking at those, and then really got into watching Dr. McDougall and his fascinating presentation on "Why Did Steve Jobs Die?", which got me looking at more of his videos by the ve ...

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What would you do for GOOD health?

Good friend Starley Barley sent me this video on Dr. Terry Wahl and our eating habits. Aunty is a takeout and convenience queen when it comes to feeding the family.  We look like the "typical" family's weekly diet on the video.  Sad thing is that I always knew it wasn't the best way to eat. Please take some time to learn about health and nutrition from a woman doctor who left the brink of disability to good ...

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