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More than just drugs and/or surgery. There are supplements, therapies, and a whole lot of healing going on – here are some of Aunty’s choices.

Tap tap tap to feel good

Decades ago, Aunty took tap dance lessons from Jack Cione with pal Cookie and Gayln.  It was fun making feet noise in time with other feet in the room, but it wasn't a life passion for any of us. During a tidying session (still to come: Aunty's review of Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying), Aunty found 2 thick print outs of Jack Cione's dance steps and songs.  These did bring a sense of joy becaus ...

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No get huhu

You know the feeling - getting huhu is when you get all mad and ticked off.  One of Aunty's jobs is answering the phone, like a dispatcher or receptionist.  Most people are nice - especially sales people until you inform them that you aren't interested in claiming your millions of dollars from the Reader's Digest sweepstakes. Some people are quite rude because they only want to speak with the boss instead o ...

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Answer the question, please.

There was drama of the highest OOPS! factor during the 2015 Miss Universe pageant with Miss Columbia being first tapped, then untapped as the winner, and Steve Harvey becoming the biggest blunder man on the planet. Aunty used to watch these pageants in the past, but stopped watching decades ago.  It happened after an episode in which each contestant was asked the same question.  Each of them took a breath, ...

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Make like a tree and ….

Aunty received an email from Nick of The Sacred Science team (no - not Scientology or wizard stuff) and it quoted Rumi.  Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet, scholar and mystic.  One beautiful quote attributed to him is "Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along." Another less beautiful but very wise quote is "Make like a tree and let the dead leaves drop." Nick's January 7 blog ...

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Night Leg Cramp Reliever

Winnah update:   Aunty has been sorting and clearing piles of papers and books, determined to tidy up.  One of the booklets that will go into the donate pile was from Bottom Line Publications in 2000 - "Retirement Secrets - What They Don't Want You To Know".   Aunty skimmed through and was under-impressed, BUT found an interesting solution to leg cramps. The source was from a former US Olympic team doc ...

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What a man wants

Us women all know what we want and most men are mystified about that, but do we know what men want, other than just about their testosterone? Perhaps this explains the honeymoon syndrome, when the relationship is bliss and wonderful.  Some couples are able to continue that state of bliss, while others fall off of it quite quickly.  Once off, it is hard to get back on the bliss wagon - but not impossible. He ...

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Old lady bike

Aunty is no longer young. But she can still ride a bike. And now, beginning her golden years, she wanted to have a good bike with all the bells, whistles and specs that fit her short, flat butted senior body.  A folding bike seemed like a very usable and adaptable choice, and so, the search was on. First potential Initial stop was the old standard - McCully Bike on King Street. It was overwhelming to see ro ...

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Rat Lungworm Alert!

Do you have "symptoms that are flu-like and usually start with a headache, most often severe, and stiffness in the neck?  There may be fever, joint pain, fatigue and nausea. The skin may feel itchy, like something crawling under it, and then become extremely sensitive to touch." Aunty has a little garden that is somewhat successful and sometimes not.  Currently there are 3 kale "trees", chili plants, Thai b ...

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Stretch! for your Health

Aunty is getting to the age of having her mother's body.  Slow, achy, stiff, and sedentary.  Lately, this happens in the morning, then disappears during the day once activities get going. It isn't fun, becoming one's mother.  We rather be forever young, but it isn't going to happen without some help. Today's email from was about a muscle (fascia) causing pain, and the answer to it was stret ...

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World Medicine Institute Review

Dr. Hana of Brain Fitness Hawaii referred us to Dr. Chang of the World Medicine Institute in Aina Haina because of Uncle's health issues.  This place is Hawaii's best place for acupuncture treatment. Dr. Chang's business is located way up in Aina Haina in a residential section.  Her house felt like stepping into China.  Many students and assistants were present in the small comfortable waiting room adjoined ...

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