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More than just drugs and/or surgery. There are supplements, therapies, and a whole lot of healing going on – here are some of Aunty’s choices.

Stretch! for your Health

Aunty is getting to the age of having her mother's body.  Slow, achy, stiff, and sedentary.  Lately, this happens in the morning, then disappears during the day once activities get going. It isn't fun, becoming one's mother.  We rather be forever young, but it isn't going to happen without some help. Today's email from was about a muscle (fascia) causing pain, and the answer to it was stret ...

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World Medicine Institute Review

Dr. Hana of Brain Fitness Hawaii referred us to Dr. Chang of the World Medicine Institute in Aina Haina because of Uncle's health issues.  This place is Hawaii's best place for acupuncture treatment. Dr. Chang's business is located way up in Aina Haina in a residential section.  Her house felt like stepping into China.  Many students and assistants were present in the small comfortable waiting room adjoined ...

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Brain Fitness Hawaii Review

Our daughter signed up for Brain Fitness Hawaii sessions because of anxiety last year.  She did well and suggested that I also try it, since I am always under stress. It is true.   Aunty IS always under stress, juggling too many things, taking care of too much stuff.  Stress makes Aunty thrive.  However, this time, I was at a point in my life with a truckload of crap of my shoulders.  I had extreme tension, ...

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Tired of Teeth

Aunty loves to visit Jalna's photo blog site because it is such a delightful slice of Hawaii local-ness with great photos and links to her photographer friends' sites. I know Jalna, kinda, through our mutual pal Fay, so I post comments from time to time.  Like the last time when she had the very funny clip of the Three Stooges on stage doing "NIAGARA FALLS!!!......Sloooowly I turn.........Step by Step...... ...

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Has your Atlas shrugged? Review of Upper Cervical Hawaii

Aunty read Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged" way back in high school.  I was reminded of this, not because of politics or literature, but because I learned that we have an Atlas bone!  It is like a plate that holds our head in place, kinda like Atlas holding the world on his shoulders.  It is also and more commonly known as our upper cervical. Cousin Teresa let me in on a fantastic lead - Dr. Joe Breuwet at ...

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Is Ordinary Good Enough for You?

Wayne Dyer did a presentation for Public Television on the basis of his book, "Wishes Fulfilled, Mastering the Art of Manifestation." Truth to tell, I never knew who Wayne Dyer was before this, but it blew Aunty away.  Hope it does the same for you: ...

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Kim chee soup for the soul

Uncle got a really bad cold - sinus, cough, sniffles, short of breath - really bad.  One of the best reasons to just zone out and watch tv is because you are sick and can't do much else. So what does Uncle watch?  Korean dramas by the scoreful.  And every Korean drama has a scene or more of people eating Korean food with gusto and rice being stuffed into their already full mouths because it tastes so good. ...

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The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is one of three people Aunty would pick if stranded on an island.  He recently came to speak at the inaugural Pillars of Peace symposium in Honolulu on April 15, 2012. Aunty delayed purchasing tickets, and they were soon sold out.  Very sad, Aunty was almost resigned to not being able to go, and then good friend Ellie called out of the blue and asked, "Sistah, you like go with me to see the D ...

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Just for Aunties

As we get older, it shows.  I really like the wisdom part and the being comfortable in my own skin as I age.  Unfortunately, my skin, face, hair and body seem to be running away from what I used to look like faster and faster.  At some point Aunty will just give up, but for now, Aunty will invest time, effort and money to slow the process down. Here are a few pointers along the way: Kapiolani Women's Center ...

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