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Aunty would much rather spend all day weeding and planting than cleaning, cooking, or ironing. Here are bits of both home, house and garden tips.

Aunty’s war on slugs

Aunty has been trying to grow vegetables from seeds.  Carefully planting Manoa lettuce seeds, Chinese parsley, and red lettuce in small raised beds.  Watering gently and keeping the surface moist.  Looking for sprouts that haven't shown up.  Failure! The next strategy was to buy starter vegetables from Koolau Farms for $1.49.  Carefully breaking up the clumping sprouts and transplanting them in the formerly ...

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In Aunty’s Garden

Aunty seems to be unsociable lately because she has been fanatic in doing her favorite task - every single day - from late afternoon to when the sun goes down.  Weeding, weeding, and weeding, non-stop.  This is a bit surprising because usually after a couple of days of weeding, Aunty's hands and body are so sore and stiff, she has to take a break.  The difference has been the BEMER - a pulsed electromagneti ...

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Aunty’s best turkey day = no cook, just buy

This year, Aunty was at a loss because the terrific cooking daughter of the family was living on the Mainland and not coming back.  Aunty had never cooked a bird bigger than a chicken and had always relied on someone else expertly cooking the turkey - so lucky, so happy, so spoiled, but now... What to do this year?  Attempt to cook a huge bird that is very easy to mess up, drop, ruin?  Or try the Zippy's tu ...

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To Lotus, or not to Lotus

2 years ago, Aunty saw a lotus plant for sale at Koolau Farmers.  The flower was huge and simply gorgeous, rising above the water and leaves and smelling wonderful.  It was rather pricey at $75 and Aunty wasn't ready for it yet. Last year, Aunty was ready and went to a lotus repotting class at Mulkern Nursery in Waimanalo on a dreary wet Saturday in February with good friend, Bocho.  It was a great class ab ...

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Good looking and cool =!

For years, we parked in our driveway with power, telephone, and cable lines overhead across the entire length of the driveway from utility post to a garage that was not usable as a garage.  Being parked in the sun was not great, but it was okay, since we had retractable windshield covers that helped to keep cars cooler during the day. However, it was the dang birds' poop that was not ok ...

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How much internet speed do you need?

Aunty gets confused whenever computer/internet numbers are spouted for gigabytes of space, ram, speed, etc.  We currently have Oceanic Time Warner for our cable/internet connection and occasionally use our iPhone's internet connection when Oceanic's system acts up (quite often). Sometimes, Oceanic sends our flyers about getting more speed, for free, and even more, for a few dollars more each month.  Current ...

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The best part about Christmas

When Aunty was a youngster, Christmas was magical, Santa was real, and the best part of it was opening presents on Christmas morning. Now that Aunty is an oldster, Christmas is traffic and madness, Santa looks different, and presents are opened early so they can be returned before the after Christmas rush.  Bah! Humbug! Well, actually, there are some things to look forward to besides the yule tide songs and ...

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Aunty is a wannabe de-clutteree

Each time an email arrives with clutter-free info, Aunty's antennae perk up, and then wilts because most of the time it is the same tip - sort by Keep, Toss, Donate. Sounds easy and makes sense, but it is not simple enough to get Aunty moving in the neatness direction. A recent email from (good for home search/info, and has evolved into something like Better Homes and Gardens) was about the ...

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Net metering is a mystery

This is Aunty's August electric bill - $10.42!  It is a little different from the old bills that reflected Aunty's solar panel savings ever since Hawaiian Electric people recently came to change out the old meter with a new digital panel. Every month, the bill is really small, and usually around $20. This month, it was even smaller, even though we used more electricity than we gave to Hawaiian Electric! We ...

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Easy way to stick pictures on your walls

Aunty was decluttering and just had to rip out this page from the June issue of Martha Stewart Living.  SUCH a nifty idea for hanging temporary art on the wall, with painter's tape! Easy on, easy off, comes in all kinds of colors.  Mahalo, Martha! ...

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