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Aunty would much rather spend all day weeding and planting than cleaning, cooking, or ironing. Here are bits of both home, house and garden tips.

How did Princess Pupule pick plenty papayas?

Fellow blogger Kay posts on an almost daily basis about her life, travels, trials and tribulations.  One of Kay's recent posts was about her husband's $20 fruit picker.  Aunty commented on it and wanted to share pictures of the one she bought from Koolau Farmers.  It was pricey - at $33.  However, after trying the standard fruit pickers and bruising adjacent-to-the-ripe papayas, Aunty caved in and got the K ...

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Great Gutters!

When our home was extended and renovated 20 years ago, our flat roof would drain via 3 openings, with most of the water diverted into the middle opening.  This resulted in water shooting out into the yard, splashing everywhere and then dripping onto awnings that took a beating.  To solve this issue was a mystery because of the velocity and volume of the water during heavy rains as well as the opening's prox ...

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Review of Alternate Energy Inc.

After years of thinking about it, Uncle decided that it was time for solar panels for our home.  The timing was great - our electrical bill was edging up to $400/month, solar companies' prices had come down and systems were much more efficient, needing less panels and less wall space for the controls. After getting a few quotes from other companies, we settled on Alternate Energy.  David Thompson was our po ...

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Bidet for Butts

Pal Wanda had a very expensive $800+ electronic bidet installed a couple of years ago, much to the curiosity of Aunty.  According to her, it was wonderful.  Aunty took her word for that, but never had an opportunity to try it out. A bidet - pronounced "bid day" - is an attachment (or sometimes it is the toilet seat itself) that is designed to wash your butt hole after you do #2.  It is common in finer estab ...

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Laters, alligators….

Uncle always looked forward to male companionship as he had a brew or two outside after a hard day's work, so Buddy was Uncle's best companion and listener since our household consists of a preponderance of females. Buddy, a labrador/hound mix, was one of two family dogs, the other being Gracie, a female grey brindle pitbull.  Anyone who has or loves dogs knows how wonderful they are because of how they mak ...

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Miscellaneous Tips

Get a PO Box near your home/business that you will visit frequently.  You might be put on a wait list, but keep checking and get one.  Then, change the address on your accounts, licenses, permits, insurance, car registrations, etc.  It is a level of security - if your purse or car gets broken into and the thieves have your keys, they don't know where you live since your PO box will be the address on all you ...

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Love and Marriage

The single most important decision to make in life is to marry a good person, if you plan to be married, that is. We are all attracted to the good looking ones, but as Uncle says, it is the heart that counts.  I lucked out because I was attracted to Uncle who is a real hunk, but he also has a heart of gold with a smattering of local yokel rowdiness.  Uncle and I have a really great marriage.  He cherishes m ...

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Be wary, Be careful

This was sent by concerned friends/family and is worth reprinting here.  Bad people preying on other people's kindness is becoming a dangerous and repulsive ploy.  Like the police sargeant in that New York Blues police show (forgot the name) would say just prior to releasing his group after briefing, "Hey!  Be careful out there.." Want to let you all know of a true story.  Sherri’s (Aunty JoAnne’s daughter) ...

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Uses for Coffee Filters

From the brewings on the internet: Who knew! And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Tree for almost nothing, even the large ones. 1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave... coffee filters make excellent covers. 2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome... Coffee filters are lint-free so they'll leave windows sparkling. 3. Protect China by separating your good dishes with a coffee filter between each ...

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