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Wisdom is Wasted on the Old

Bill Bonner has a newsletter than Aunty subscribes to.  He owns Agora Publishing - a very affiliate based newsletter business - sometimes there is overkill in how many links that we are introduced to, but his insights are usually spot on and sage, so Aunty pays attention. His Bill Bonner's Diary post today started off with: POITOU, FRANCE – “My father told me to plant trees,” said a neighbor last night. “It ...

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Your next 5 years

Aunty subscribes to over 40 websites for daily email updates and newsletters.  These vary from healthy cooking, beading, real estate, retirement planning, etc.  The majority of Aunty's subscriptions focus on financial gurus letting subscribers know what they THINK may happen based on current and past factors. Most of them are gloom and doomers.  The economy will collapse, we are in a bubble, sell everything ...

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