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This is kind of a joke – Aunty talking about making a website. However, this much is true: If Aunty can do it, ANYbody can do it, with a little bit of help.

The thing is, there are a lot of people, places, and resources that help, for free, some for a fee. Aunty hopes her free postings here will help you get started in the wonderful world wide web!!!

Scannable, a needed app

There are many times that we need to scan things - in order to save a document, send one, or to help us organize the tons of papers that we really don't need. Aunty does have a small portable scanner by ScanSnap that works great, but is limited to paper no wider than the standard 8 1/2", and the thinness of paper. Amy Lynn Andrews is one of Aunty's gurus (though she doesn't know it) for website creating, bu ...

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To Tweet, or not to Tweet

*Update:  Aunty was tweeted by Yunji de Nies!  Not sure what that meant, but daughter said that was awesome! Do you know about the Malama Card? It saves you money at stores on KS properties - check out @HonoluluAunty's post— Yunji de Nies (@yunjid) April 15, 2015 Aunty was totally clueless about tweeting.  It sounded like something new and irritating.  However, Chad Lamothe ...

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Geebz the Whiz and Aunty the Unwhiz

Aunty went to a Social Media Marketing workshop on 11/16/2013 at the beautiful new MOA Wellness Center in Kakaako, organized by Lori Chaffin, publisher of the Hawaii Wellness Directory.  The speaker was George del Barrio aka Geebz of PMI-International. [Breaking news:  Geebz will be having another workshop "Social Media Marketing and Content" on December 14, 2014 from 10:00 - 1:00 at the MOA Wellness Center ...

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Make a Website

First of all I must thank Chad Lamothe for totally revamping Aunty's website.  Chad first critiqued the original on and gave it a whipping, deservedly so.  Aunty then hired him for a very reasonable fee to fix it, and he did!  2nd of all, mahalo to you, Aunty's readers!!!  Now Aunty feels like a new butterfly that has emerged out of a cocoon. One day, number 1 son sat me down in ...

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Google ranking

Ranking higher on Google searches is very desirable.  Every once in awhile, I would check in to update SEO because an email would arrive and say that it was overdue.  I have no clue why I was doing that, but the message made it sound like something Aunty should do on a regular basis in order to rank higher on search engines. Aunty didn't really realize how important search ranking was until monitoring visit ...

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Monetizing a website

Chad Lamothe of Goodfella Marketing did Aunty a HUGE service when he reviewed Aunty's old website and totally blasted it.  Not only did he revamp it and task me with re-formats that took weeks (Aunty works slow), he also taught me about how to monetize the site. Monetize?  I told him that I don't like sites that have screaming ads or force people to put their contact info in to get a peak at something they ...

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