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Your next 5 years

Aunty subscribes to over 40 websites for daily email updates and newsletters.  These vary from healthy cooking, beading, real estate, retirement planning, etc.  The majority of Aunty's subscriptions focus on financial gurus letting subscribers know what they THINK may happen based on current and past factors. Most of them are gloom and doomers.  The economy will collapse, we are in a bubble, sell everything ...

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Aunty’s Quite Wonderful Broken Bones

See this cute little doggie?  His name is Toshi.  He is our daughter's 7 year old Sheltie, and he is dangerous for old ladies who try to keep up with his running while walking on uneven Kaimuki streets.  That is how Aunty tripped, flew forward, and broke 2 bones in her left forearm recently. As Aunty struggled up, holding her dirty misshaped wrist and battling shock, Toshi was not concerned and of no help.  ...

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Yellow for Yellowing Teeth?

Aunty's blog friend Kay of Musings recently posted about whitening her teeth with Crest Whitestrips.  It worked beautifully - Kay's teeth became movie star white - but had a few cautionary issues with sensitivity and erosion. Aunty used to use whitening strips, or the "trays" that are formed as troughs to fit and soak uppers and lowers in bleach solutions, but has recently opted for a cheaper, possibly safe ...

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Broke da Arm

Aunty is now a patient, feeling impatient.  Last Wednesday, she tripped on someone's driveway while walking a dog and broke 2 bones just above her left wrist. Surgery was done on Friday.  Recovery seems slow - but there is no way to rush it. Time has been slowed down, too.  Life goes on, and the weeds are rejoicing because Aunty's daily yard duties have been curtailed - for now. ...

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In Aunty’s Garden

Aunty seems to be unsociable lately because she has been fanatic in doing her favorite task - every single day - from late afternoon to when the sun goes down.  Weeding, weeding, and weeding, non-stop.  This is a bit surprising because usually after a couple of days of weeding, Aunty's hands and body are so sore and stiff, she has to take a break.  The difference has been the BEMER - a pulsed electromagneti ...

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Is Oprah a big deal?

Watching Wayne Dyer's video on Wishes Fulfilled took Aunty on a search journey online about a movie he was involved with called "The Shift" produced by Oprah Winfrey's channel. This online journey took me to, the website of the famous Oprah Winfrey. Aunty never really got into Oprah before.  Our neighbor, Mrs. T would watch daily, almost religiously, as she rode her exercise bicycle every day at 4 ...

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From “junk” to cash, with eBay or Amazon

Aunty did a post about selling on eBay a couple of years ago.  Aunty also took (paid some bucks) an eBay course from an eBay guru who was a power seller.  Truth to tell, Aunty did not use much of the information since a lot of it was for true rookies and some were for power sellers that are willing to devote all of their time loading, selling, packing, and shipping. Aunty is more of a "hobby" eBayer, sellin ...

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4-7-8 Breathing exercise for life, and magnets

Aunty first heard about this 4-7-8 breathing exercise from Kay of Musings.  This supposedly helps you fall asleep, and so Aunty, on the few occasions when it was hard to fall asleep at night, would breathe in, hold, and exhale continuously, and find herself becoming light headed - but still wide awake. Then, a link in one of Dr. Mercola's articles was to Dr. Andrew Weil's instructional video on only doing 4 ...

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Scannable, a needed app

There are many times that we need to scan things - in order to save a document, send one, or to help us organize the tons of papers that we really don't need. Aunty does have a small portable scanner by ScanSnap that works great, but is limited to paper no wider than the standard 8 1/2", and the thinness of paper. Amy Lynn Andrews is one of Aunty's gurus (though she doesn't know it) for website creating, bu ...

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Another Ala Moana Hotel update

2 days in a row!  Normally I wouldn't have reported about the owners' meeting except that it had the insurance tip and my rather impulsive decision to run on a board/committee.  Am still mulling over the wisdom or dumbness of that, but it is just for a year, and a year speeds on by. Back in October of last year, Aunty went to an auction for one of the units at the Ala Moana Hotel.  Her bid price was beat by ...

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