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Aunty at the auction

The Honolulu Star Advertiser has a promotion going on, so Aunty gets free Sunday and holiday newspaper home delivery.  At first, these would pile up, unread and then get tossed in the blue recycle bin, but one day, Aunty opened up the paper and saw a page in the classified section about property foreclosure auctions. One of the foreclosures in the newspaper was for a unit in the Ala Moana Hotel, so Aunty de ...

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Net metering is a mystery

This is Aunty's August electric bill - $10.42!  It is a little different from the old bills that reflected Aunty's solar panel savings ever since Hawaiian Electric people recently came to change out the old meter with a new digital panel. Every month, the bill is really small, and usually around $20. This month, it was even smaller, even though we used more electricity than we gave to Hawaiian Electric! We ...

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What a man wants

Us women all know what we want and most men are mystified about that, but do we know what men want, other than just about their testosterone? Perhaps this explains the honeymoon syndrome, when the relationship is bliss and wonderful.  Some couples are able to continue that state of bliss, while others fall off of it quite quickly.  Once off, it is hard to get back on the bliss wagon - but not impossible. He ...

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Perhaps China can make you wealthy

Recently, Aunty has been reading about the Chinese yuan (or renminbi) becoming a world reserve currency when the IMF (International Monetary Fund made up of international bankers) meets in October.   If this happens, then international trades, purchases, exchanges, etc. can be done with Chinese money.  Currently, the US dollar is the dominant trade currency, followed by Euros, English pounds, and Japanese y ...

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Near miss = lesson learned

This is not a picture to show Aunty's lack of eyelashes, sparse eyebrow hairs, wrinkles, bags under eyes, or melasma splotches on face. It is to show that little brown dot just above and the bigger dot just below Aunty's eye as a warning to all of us to be careful. Aunty wanted to cut down a piece of a laminate plank to be a barrier in the vegetable garden.  Instead of using a circular saw, Aunty used her D ...

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Lithuania and beyond – with only a backpack?

One of Aunty's favorite daughters is off to Lithuania for an entrepreneur camp (all expenses paid except for getting there).  After the 4 day camp, she plans to join groups that feed and house for labor during the day, and then backpack across Europe with a friend for a few months.  A real adventure, almost like Bilbo Baggins without dragons and dwarfs. Some tips from friends include ALWAYS saying "Bon jour ...

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Summer sun great for laundry tip

Since it has been so terribly hot and sunny recently, Aunty has been laying out linens, hankies, furoshikis (squares that are used to tie up parcels and gifts), unlined tote bags, and whatever other natural fiber item that are stained or discolored on the front lawn and having the intense sun bleach the stains away. It works like magic. Mrs. Orpha Herrick was a favorite college professor. Not only did she t ...

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Aunty was on TV!

It was a really good show at the Hawaii All-Collectors Show this Sunday.  Collectors are really special and nice people and it is so fun to walk around, talk story, and see people so happy to find their own special treasures and deals.  One customer said it was like Christmas for him! KITV 4 was walking around, and interviewed Aunty - how cool was that! Here's the link, Aunty is so thrilled!   ...

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Old lady bike

Aunty is no longer young. But she can still ride a bike. And now, beginning her golden years, she wanted to have a good bike with all the bells, whistles and specs that fit her short, flat butted senior body.  A folding bike seemed like a very usable and adaptable choice, and so, the search was on. First potential Initial stop was the old standard - McCully Bike on King Street. It was overwhelming to see ro ...

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Easy way to stick pictures on your walls

Aunty was decluttering and just had to rip out this page from the June issue of Martha Stewart Living.  SUCH a nifty idea for hanging temporary art on the wall, with painter's tape! Easy on, easy off, comes in all kinds of colors.  Mahalo, Martha! ...

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