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Lillian the Dancing Queen

Lillian Hirai was one of my favorite people.  Just thinking about her would bring a smile to my lips and a lightness to my step.  We had some fun and crazy times together, and we had the common habit of always getting to high school hungry and late. She once arrived at school in a coat even though it was a hot and sweltering day because she had dashed out of her house and didn't have time to change.  During ...

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The Fat Lady Sang “Ka-ching!”

Well, Aunty finished boothing the Hawaii All-Collectors Show this weekend!  Leading up to it was not as stressful as it usually was - Aunty is wondering if it is possibly because of Protandim taking or if it is just the mellowing with age.  Hmmm. It also always helps to have best pal Patricia using her magic touch of design and arrangement in the booths as well as her company during the show.  Uncle, daught ...

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Week’s lessons learned, Go West, young man

This was truly a week of learning for Aunty.  Not only from the great asset protection and tax relief workshop this weekend, but also from websites I visit, books and newsletters that I have read, and listening to CDs in my car. One sad bit of news to report is that Real Deals Hawaii will not be having their monthly meetings (so this week's meeting is off) until they start them up again in September.  They ...

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Wisdom from the Podium

This weekend was a fantastic learning experience!  Aunty was in a 3 day Asset Protection and Tax Relief class put on by the great folks at the Anderson Law Group (see, Michael Bowman, Rod Buttars, and Aaron Yen. For whatever reason, the class was not full, so we had a lot more attention and time for questions and answers as well as longer one on one consultations than in the past. And this time, ...

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Better than Allstate, Necessary in Warp Speed

Las Vegas' Michael Bowman of BOSS (my favorite attorney) recently had an online webinar on using and reviewing your LLCs to make sure you have your bases covered. The number 1 goal of the lawsuit plaintiff is to find a way to get the money. The top reason that LLCs are pierced is the failure to follow/file the formalities in the LLC. Another reason is co-mingling funds between the business and personal fund ...

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Aunty’s Kung Fuey

Today, Susan over at has graciously used Aunty as a guest poster on her popular and wonderful website again!  In this post, Aunty talks about rental real estate, Aunty's favorite squeeze besides Uncle. Susan is young, Aunty is....not young.  She quotes a lot of Bruce Lee, Aunty quotes Confucious and the Dalai Lama.  Different generations with hearts that beat in rhythm together.  LG.  Life ...

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Aunty and the Dalai Lama

Although Aunty's fantasy about meeting the Dalai Lama face to face and bumping foreheads, or having our eyes lock in recognition did not happen, it was still a highlight to have heard and seen the Dalai Lama at the Pillars of Peace on April 15, 2012. Aunty did a page about the Dalai Lama.  Such a cute and kind man.  He said that everyone is like an old friend to him.  Indeed.  He had no airs, no arrogance, ...

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Notes from January 19 Boardroom event with Robert Kiyosaki

This event was okay, but not fantastic.  Aunty pays $9.95 to listen and watch.  I always get way more than $9.95 worth of insights - and usually from Robert or one of his advisors. There was a lot of bashing of politicians and wannabe presidents, governments, middle class, media coverage, etc.  I picked through to find out what Robert invests in, and why. He is investing in America - because America control ...

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Moore Wealth Secrets

I attended my first CashFlow game at the invitation of Teresa Moore of MooreWealth.  It was held in the beautiful Executive Center on Bishop Street this past Sunday. To play CashFlow is an educational, attitude opening experience.  Everyone interested in their financial well being would benefit from playing the game. To play CashFlow with Teresa's rules is faster, simpler, and mind blowing.  Somewhere in th ...

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Leap of Faith

Today I attended a YWCA meeting and Cash Flow game - because Robert Kiyosaki's sister Tenzin Kacho was present.  I read Rich Brother, Rich Sister and was fascinated by the intertwining of 2 very different lives of siblings growing up in Hawaii - one pursuing financial wealth, the other pursuing spiritual growth. Robert Kiyosaki is a powerhouse of investing and building businesses.  I hope to meet him one da ...

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