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Moore Wealth Secrets

I attended my first CashFlow game at the invitation of Teresa Moore of MooreWealth.  It was held in the beautiful Executive Center on Bishop Street this past Sunday. To play CashFlow is an educational, attitude opening experience.  Everyone interested in their financial well being would benefit from playing the game. To play CashFlow with Teresa's rules is faster, simpler, and mind blowing.  Somewhere in th ...

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Leap of Faith

Today I attended a YWCA meeting and Cash Flow game - because Robert Kiyosaki's sister Tenzin Kacho was present.  I read Rich Brother, Rich Sister and was fascinated by the intertwining of 2 very different lives of siblings growing up in Hawaii - one pursuing financial wealth, the other pursuing spiritual growth. Robert Kiyosaki is a powerhouse of investing and building businesses.  I hope to meet him one da ...

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With expert eyes like Max….

Max Whitmore is a sometimes contributor to BawldGuy's website. I always look forward to his wisdom. I signed up for email updates, and this latest gem is what I received in my inbox: ON THE EDGE OF ……WHAT?  10-3-11  By Max Whitmore I promised that from time to time, as conditions warranted it, I would send a follow-up to my original article about what the charts tell me might be coming over the next year, g ...

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Here's a really great daily minute I just got from Raymond Aaron. Mahalo nui loa. ...

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Master Sha is da bomb.

Last night I went to McKinley High School to check out Master Sha.  It was a rather unusual event, bordering on unreal.  Uncle (being of strict Christian faith) would have been very uncomfortable with the philosophy of Divine healing power, but I really felt a connection - and lightning and thunder resonated before, during, and after -without a drop of rain.  Flickering lights as I walked to my car would be ...

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3 wishes

Investor Todd asked me in an email today, "If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?"  What a grand question! My answer of 3 wishes:  A kinder world.  A world without hatred and fear.  The ability to heal. I have to chuckle a bit.  My one and all consuming wish a week ago was for our son to contact us since we hadn't heard from in many weeks - no response to emails, letters, parcel.  I thought the aliens had ...

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