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Compact SUV reviews- part 3

2017 Buick Encore Lithia (who dat? don't know) owns the Honolulu Buick, GMC, and Cadillac dealership on Nimitz Highway near the airport.  Another cute young salesman greeted Aunty with a shy smile and respectful handshake.  Gordon Rivera was his name, and instantly Aunty liked him because he was not going to b.s. Aunty into buying a vehicle from him, but he was there to show Aunty what she wanted to see. We ...

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Compact SUV reviews- part 2

2016 Mazda CX-5 (2017 not available yet) Mazda of Honolulu is located on Ala Moana Boulevard where the go carts used to be for a short time.  A friendly young man waved as Aunty drove in to test drive a CX-5.  This was the instantly likeable Leo Kim, who was more than happy to let Aunty check out their vehicles and ask a lot of questions.  The first question was, "Does it have a power lift gate?"  Answer, " ...

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Aunty’s compact SUV reviews, part 1

Aunty has bought cars.  A lot of them, because for some reason or another, Aunty's current vehicle becomes outdated or lacking, and then the search is on for another vehicle. 2 years ago, Aunty bought a Subaru XV Crosstrek from Jace Sadowski at Kaimuki Subaru.  It was just the right size, super cute and cool looking.  Also, it was a Subaru - known for its reliability and high resale value.  It was a smart d ...

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Aunty met Kini Zamora!

Because Aunty doesn't have tv service, she hasn't watched Project Runway, even though her friends have raved about it and insisted that she get with it. Meanwhile, the Hawaii Stitchery and Fibre Arts Guild that Aunty used to belong to (it was our once a month opportunity to dress up) had Kini Zamora as the guest speaker/artist on January 4, 2017.  That was last night, and Aunty and friends went to a packed ...

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Looking forward to 2017

Lani Kwon, a life coach that Aunty had the pleasure of listening to, sent Aunty an email with a link to an insightful article, entitled "Let go or be dragged into 2017". Based on numerology, the numbers 2, 0, 1, 6 add up to 9 - which is a very fiery, emotional, intense number that also signifies the end of cycles with sudden shocks, dramatic endings, and tying up loose ends. Which will lead us into 2017. Th ...

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Aunty da auto detailer

One rainy night, Aunty was driving to a company party dinner, and it was really difficult to see through the windshield even with the wipers going full blast.  The windshield de-fogger option on the AC was used, which didn't do much because it was not the inside of the glass, but the outside that seemed to have an irregular haze on it that made driving at night a bit dangerous. While at the dinner, Aunty me ...

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Mai’s Beauty is Aunty’s top stylist

Our youngest daughter Rosie used to go to a hair stylist that she thought was the best, but we were never impressed.  One day she decided to cut her hair to shoulder length.  It was so bad, she went to her boyfriend's barber/stylist, Mai at Mai's Beauty & Barber to get it fixed.  For less than half the price, Mai styled her butchered bad cut into something really cute and flattering.  Each time she went ...

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Aunty’s best turkey day = no cook, just buy

This year, Aunty was at a loss because the terrific cooking daughter of the family was living on the Mainland and not coming back.  Aunty had never cooked a bird bigger than a chicken and had always relied on someone else expertly cooking the turkey - so lucky, so happy, so spoiled, but now... What to do this year?  Attempt to cook a huge bird that is very easy to mess up, drop, ruin?  Or try the Zippy's tu ...

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Easy Easy Costco Burritos

This was a recipe link from Amy Lynn Andrews, a blogger that I follow because she gives good website advice.  She also shares good tips, and this recipe was super EASY! Easy is important, because Aunty does NOT cook very well, and is the take-out queen of plate lunches and zip meals.  However, fresh and hot is better for the family, so if you have good easy recipes to share, please DO share with Aunty. Trut ...

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