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Aunty will probably take Protandim for the rest of her life. It costs $40/month per bottle. Sounds expensive? For Aunty, it’s cheaper than going to the doctor for ailments – especially since a lot of Aunty’s ailments have diminished with this supplement.

UPDATE: Aunty has been warned by the LifeVantage compliance team that having my own website and using LifeVantage copyright items (such as the name? picture? not sure?) is a violation and to CEASE, or else. Aunty has been ceased by them, but will keep up her reviews. Aunty will also be TERMINATED and all shipments will be stopped. Aunty has been spanked, but not sure why.

Buying Protandim at a discount or for free!

You can get Protandim or True Science cream from LifeVantage at a discount or even for free with LifeVantage's Preferred Customer Referral Program.  The company document follows.  Basically, you must sign up as a preferred customer (on autoship).  Then, you tell people about how the product has helped you and if they want to buy it, have them go to any LifeVantage website, click on "join Lifevantage", and c ...

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LifeVantage and Protandim Review

One promise that Aunty will make is no bull shit (excuser mon francais) about things, events, and people that are recommended or reviewed.  If you check out the LifeVantage website, Protandim is the cure-all, heal-all fountain of youth; and TrueScience  anti-aging cream will make your skin beautiful, wrinkle resistant, and corrected.  This is Aunty's honest review of Protandim and the LifeVantage company pr ...

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Recall on Protandim

Aunty is a distributor of Protandim (see Aunty's review).  This recall notice came into Aunty's email.  I am posting it here because I might have given you a bottle to try in the last few months, and most likely, that bottle was one of the recalls since 6 out of 6 bottles on Aunty's shelf were the affected ones.  Even Aunty Mimi had 2 out of 2! Anywho, please let me know and Aunty will get replacements: Dea ...

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