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Las Vegas is the favorite vacation destination for Hawaii people. Aunty loves to fly up there and buy, rent, and hold!

Investing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Real Estate – 9th Island of Opportunity Okay, if I had to choose between other mainland cities or Las Vegas, I’d bet my stack of chips on Vegas.  It really does feel like home, only hotter, colder, drier, and busier.  My favorite airline goes there non-stop and since I have their VISA card, I use my Hawaiian Miles to upgrade to first class whenever I can - THAT is truly the way to fly! In Vegas, t ...

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How Aunty buys in Vegas

I do things the easy way, but I try to do them well.  One of the secrets to that is to find good people that help.  I have been blessed with good luck in finding great people. My realtor, Martin Fajardo ( is the number one key element in my Vegas real estate ventures.  Smart, young, awesome.  His motto is to under promise and over deliver.  That he does, time after time. It does help to ...

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Financing in Las Vegas

I use Wells Fargo in Las Vegas for our Nevada real estate entity.  Their online ease of use and level of customer service are exceptional.  My personal banker is Giovanni Anacta of the business banking division.  Giovanni helped me set up my business checking account and introduced me to a commercial lending officer as well as a mortgage loan officer.  I felt like the red carpet was rolled out for us.  Cont ...

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Playing Craps the Smart Way

Uncle doesn't gamble - which is good, because I love to.  When I go to Vegas, I don't play the slot machines because it has an inflated reputation of paying out big time with the reality of a fast way to lose money.  It is hope without much odds, but it makes for a fun way to sit and have free drinks. I like to play poker, especially when I get good hands.  Of course that is the only time I raise the bets a ...

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Placing bets on Vegas?

Aunty still loves Las Vegas real estate as the current vehicle of choice for cash flow real estate. The problem is that there are not too many properties for sale because of new foreclosure rules that are enforced to help homeowners stay in their homes.  This is good, and I do hope that most of the income producing homeowners do get their loans modified and adjusted so they can live in their own places. Int ...

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