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Real estate wealth is the most solid way to wealth if you step solidly. Slow but steady is much safer and wise than fast and furious in the long run.

Rehabbing in Hawaii

One thing about Hawaii is we feel more secure in knowing someone who knows someone they used rather than just calling a company from the yellow pages.  It isn't always true that the one with the biggest and best ad is the best company.  I rather use tried and true, and if we have had good results at a fair price from one person or company, we will use them again.  I also trust in the recommendations of frie ...

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Aunty the Realtor (update – not anymore)

Uncle would make a great real estate agent.  I never wanted him to be one because he is so handsome and charming - call it jealousy and control; I call it being smart and safe.  Well, we are getting older and it's time to let kites fly and dogs run. Paul Xavier & Co. (formerly Real Estate Xtreme) have presented a great opportunity to anyone who is already a licensed realtor or agent, or thinking of beco ...

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Financing in Hawaii

When we were just married and starting our family, an incredible opportunity arose for us to buy the house we loved and currently lived in.  We were renting, and kind of half arsedly looking for a place to buy.  I liked almost every house we looked at, but Uncle would say, "too hot", or "junk", or "no more lichee tree".  Then, the owner of the house we lived in offered the house to us for a great price (Haw ...

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Real Estate Book List

11 Real Estate Investing Books Investors Should Read by Frank Chen Reading Real Estate Investing books will make you a better Real Estate Investor. Here are my Top 11 Real Estate Investment Books you should put on your Need-To-Read List.1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (by: Robert Kyosaki) I believe this is a great book for the beginner investor because it has the capability of changing one’s thinking to influence one’ ...

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Guest post from Skip Lahti

I had a request to post an article on tenant/landlord screening by reader Skip Lahti, and I am very glad to be able to post it here.  Mahalo for this informational article, Skip!   2013: The Year of The Landlord  The projections are clear: 2013 is a good year to be in property management. MyScreeningReport takes a look at the top three tenant trends for the coming year and what landlords can do to stay ...

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Placing bets on Vegas?

Aunty still loves Las Vegas real estate as the current vehicle of choice for cash flow real estate. The problem is that there are not too many properties for sale because of new foreclosure rules that are enforced to help homeowners stay in their homes.  This is good, and I do hope that most of the income producing homeowners do get their loans modified and adjusted so they can live in their own places. Int ...

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Real Estate through the Eyes of One Who Knows

At Thursday's Hawaii Real Estate Investors' monthly meeting, Peter Savio of Hawaiian Island Homes, Ltd. gave an educational talk about building wealth with real estate.  Peter has been in the business of real estate for 48 years.  He is Hawaii's expert when it comes to understanding leasehold properties, and has been successful in a number of complicated and near impossible transactions because of his exper ...

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(almost) Death of Seller Financing

In some cases, seller financing is what is necessary and beneficial for both the buyer and seller to come to an agreement and successful sale. In this webinar, Clint Coons explains the SAFE Act as well as the implications of the Dodd Frank Act that will affect us.  Lease option agreements are not affected (good!) but there are changes that will come about that we all need to be aware of. Here are some notes ...

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Cash flow vs Cash growth

As usual, one of my favorite investment gurus has come out with another great article.  This one assumes you are 42 years old (well, I USED to be many moons ago) and with some savings of $200,000.  Of course, if you are living in Hawaii, most of your money goes to paying your monthly mortgage payments, but you might be able to swing some money out from a HELOC to make his strategy work. Makes me really wish ...

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