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Aunty doesn’t really like to cook. These are really good recipes, mostly very easy. The garlic mayo shrimp is SO delicious and was even the catalyst that caused a wedding!

Jalna’s husband’s crispy skin pork bake

Jalna's blog just kills Aunty sometimes.  She makes us laugh, feel whimsy, and then, SO hungry when she posts her husband and son's cooking results. A few weeks ago, she shared Wendell's Pernil - a Puerto Rican pork recipe .  The picture of the crispy skin pork jumped out and begged to be eaten.  Jalna assured Aunty (during the funeral picture taking day) that it was indeed ONO (delicious) to da max. Last S ...

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Easy Easy Costco Burritos

This was a recipe link from Amy Lynn Andrews, a blogger that I follow because she gives good website advice.  She also shares good tips, and this recipe was super EASY! Easy is important, because Aunty does NOT cook very well, and is the take-out queen of plate lunches and zip meals.  However, fresh and hot is better for the family, so if you have good easy recipes to share, please DO share with Aunty. Trut ...

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Ahlin’s Thai Spicy Sauce

Aunty's friend Ahlin is a terrific cook.  Sometimes she makes Thai green curry, Pad Thai, green papaya salad, unreal pork chops, etc.  All unreal delicious.  What makes it all even better is that she shows Aunty how to cook, several times. Since Aunty is a slow learner in the kitchen (actually, Aunty is a take out queen of the highest degree), a video was made, and Joe Young at the Apple Store taught Aunty ...

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A perfect steak

Once in a while, Aunty loves a great steak.  One that is a little bit crusty outside yet soft and slightly juicy inside. Most of the time, we would cook them outside on a hibachi grill after salting and seasoning with Canadian Steak seasoning (from Costco).  It would almost always be great, but it was a bit of a hassle making the fire and getting the charcoals just right hot.  This also took quite a long ti ...

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Spam Kim Chee for dinner

Almost 40 years ago (man, Aunty is old), we used to do craft fairs at our homes with friends.  Ann Kondo Corum was a librarian at Kawananakoa School and had just published Hawaii's Spam Cookbook.  She is a super fantastic artist and each page has her delightful cartoon drawings related to each dish.  Since she was selling her cookbooks as well as doing original art cards to order, Aunty made her Korean Styl ...

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Ozoni recipe – first food in the New Year

Aunty does not do traditions very well, but one that is done because it is a favorite is Ozoni - soup with mizuna and mochi.  Aunty likes the simple simple kind of ozoni that her mother used to make for the family.  Other families have awesome ozoni made with fishcake, daikon, gobo, carrots, and a lot more.  For Aunty, simple is better for Aunty to remember. However, since it is made only at New Year's, 364 ...

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Easy fresh pineapple!

The easiest part of preparing a pineapple is twisting off the crown from the base.  Aunty used to hate the tedious chore of removing the skin with a peeler or knife.  Many times, more of the pineapple was thrown away because of how difficult it is to score off the tough outside layer and dig out those hard "eyes" in the flesh before cutting the yummy parts into bite size pieces. However, Aunty found a bette ...

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Jalna’s sister’s mother-in-law’s Easy mochi recipe

Here is a link to Jalna's blog post for easy microwave mochi.  Her blog posts are always so wonderfully shot, and her recipes are pretty awesome! The recipe is: Microwave 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup sugar, and 1 tsp oil in plastic bowl for 2 minutes. Add 3/4 cup mochiko; stir with plastic spoon until all combined (less than 30 seconds) Microwave for 20 seconds. Stir and pour on Saran wrap.  Prepare as desired (f ...

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Preparing and cooking with your cast iron pan

Cooking with a cast iron pan is the best way to cook - you get a bit of iron in your food, and the heat can be really really high if you need it to be. When you shop for a new pan you will find raw cast iron (looks like aluminum in color and have spots of rust) or preseasoned ones.  Cast iron is naturally stick free if it has been prepared right and since the preparation process can be quite time and labor ...

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Best Oriental Salad Dressing

1/2 cup vegetable oil 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup Japanese rice vinegar 2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper Put all ingredients into a salad bottle container.  I use the Tupperware salad mixer bottle and shake like crazy, then put in a spare salad dressing bottle.    Refrigerate. Toss in a bowl with cut or shredded lettuce, cooked chicken bits like shredded Costco roast chicken, and wun ton strips.  Yum! Optional:  add Chi ...

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