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Most of the time, Aunty has no time to read a book the traditional way. Instead, the internet is the modus operandi, or books on tape.

As a result, Aunty has a bookshelf of recommended books which may, or may not get read one day.

Of the books that Aunty did read, here’s the book report!

Speak better = Resonate!! the book by Nancy Duarte

Happy New Year!  Aunty wants to start the year blogging with some self improvement, and the ability to persuade is a good tool in anyone's belt.  Here's a book report from Aunty: The other day, Aunty was sitting next to Uncle and telling him about one of her very interesting revelations (Aunty gets revelations quite often).  In Aunty's telling of it, Uncle looked at this watch.  Aunty got ticked off and sto ...

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Rocking Las Vegas

Aunty is on her way to Las Vegas tonight with Uncle (big 6-0 celebration with fellow Kaimuki Bulldogs, McKinley Tigers and Roosevelt Rough Riders). I brought along a book for the plane ride, “Rocking Wall Street” by Gary Marks. The author is a very interesting man living a wonderful life doing what he wants, when he wants, and where he wants. I found his philosophy about life and wealth fascinating, and wan ...

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