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Places that Aunty goes to, only the good ones. On the rare occasions, if a business or product is really “junk” and should be avoided, then Aunty will review, but then again, maybe not because one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. K’den, this will only be the treasures.

This will also be where Aunty puts the businesses (like network marketing or MLMs) that Aunty has tried or is affiliated with. Lots of stuff, will be listed in chronological backwards order – sorry that Wordpress doesn’t have option to list alphabetically.

Mai’s Beauty is Aunty’s top stylist

Our youngest daughter Rosie used to go to a hair stylist that she thought was the best, but we were never impressed.  One day she decided to cut her hair to shoulder length.  It was so bad, she went to her boyfriend's barber/stylist, Mai at Mai's Beauty & Barber to get it fixed.  For less than half the price, Mai styled her butchered bad cut into something really cute and flattering.  Each time she went ...

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Consignment Center in Kahala, Sweet!

The old Tony Roma across from Kahala Mall was never the same after it left.  A few failed businesses and a lot of vacant months seemed a shame, for such a prime location.  Recently, a bright lighted sign would catch Aunty's eye every time she drove by on Waialae Avenue, "Consignment Center - Furniture, Art & Antiques", Ola! It was a gotta-check-out kind of place, and one day, Aunty drove into the very l ...

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Good looking and cool =!

For years, we parked in our driveway with power, telephone, and cable lines overhead across the entire length of the driveway from utility post to a garage that was not usable as a garage.  Being parked in the sun was not great, but it was okay, since we had retractable windshield covers that helped to keep cars cooler during the day. However, it was the dang birds' poop that was not ok ...

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Aunty’s review of Hawaii Gas

Aunty has gas, always has and probably always will.  Stove, water heater, dryer.  Since global oil prices have come down, our gas bill has dropped from $70 to $40/month.  We also have solar panels that save us big bucks on electricity every month. We could switch completely to just electricity since new appliances are now more energy efficient, but cooking with gas is quite nice, our gas dryer works on a st ...

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Whole Foods is da Bomb!

Way back when, in Kahala Mall, Star Supermarket used to be located where Whole Foods is today.  It was a good supermarket but not too busy.  So when Yen King (now dba Maple Garden with great lunch buffets) and Star Market got pushed out and Whole Foods came in, Aunty was a little huhu (mad) just because it was a change of out with the old and in with the new. However, the Whole Foods move in turned out to b ...

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The Mighty tiny Quyen at Salon 808

This year, Aunty stopped coloring her hair (though there is Aunty's exciting coloring trick) and didn't go to get her hair cut for over a year.  In recent photos, Aunty looked really old, which, however, had some advantage of getting senior discounts without being asked... One day, out of the blue, best pal Patricia mentioned how much she loved her hairdresser Quyen (pronounced Quin) at Salon 808.   Maybe s ...

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Great Gutters!

When our home was extended and renovated 20 years ago, our flat roof would drain via 3 openings, with most of the water diverted into the middle opening.  This resulted in water shooting out into the yard, splashing everywhere and then dripping onto awnings that took a beating.  To solve this issue was a mystery because of the velocity and volume of the water during heavy rains as well as the opening's prox ...

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Review of Hospice Hawaii

Uncle fought a battle against cancer and blockage from when he was first diagnosed in November of 2013 with stage IV appendiceal cancer after surgeons at Queen's Hospital performed a right hemicolectomy.  In the ensuing months, which turned into a year, Uncle was in and out of the hospital for various reasons. We left Queen's for the last time under the care of Hospice Hawaii.  This is Aunty's review. In th ...

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HIMA – Hawaii Internet Marketers Association

Back in November 2013, Aunty attended the first HIMA meeting, not really knowing what she was getting into.  Aunty went just to support Randy Fujinaka's new venture because Randy is such a good guy. George Del Barrio and Thomas Trentz were the main speakers.  Tom's presentation was good - high tech power point slides and how to reach and utilize the internet to help market ourselves.  Geebz's (George Del Ba ...

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Lexington Law Review

Okay, don't tell Uncle but Aunty had ANOTHER hit on her credit score, from a beautiful and rising score of 762 and to a less beautiful score of 737. Honestly though, it really wasn't Aunty's fault this time. Our hardly used GM Card (now Capital One) had a balance of $94, and Aunty did an online payment before it was due.  All is well until Credit Karma notifies Aunty that her credit rating has dropped becau ...

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