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Places that Aunty goes to, only the good ones. On the rare occasions, if a business or product is really “junk” and should be avoided, then Aunty will review, but then again, maybe not because one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. K’den, this will only be the treasures.

This will also be where Aunty puts the businesses (like network marketing or MLMs) that Aunty has tried or is affiliated with. Lots of stuff, will be listed in chronological backwards order – sorry that Wordpress doesn’t have option to list alphabetically.

Review of Alternate Energy Inc.

After years of thinking about it, Uncle decided that it was time for solar panels for our home.  The timing was great - our electrical bill was edging up to $400/month, solar companies' prices had come down and systems were much more efficient, needing less panels and less wall space for the controls. After getting a few quotes from other companies, we settled on Alternate Energy.  David Thompson was our po ...

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Review of OREXCO Hawaii

In November, we sold a property in Las Vegas that had appreciated in price by 70%, resulting in a gain of $90,000.  Pretty sweet! After a quick consult with our CPA, our long term capital gains tax that we would have to pay would be $18,000.  Enter into the picture, the strategy of a 1031 exchange, which allows investors to defer the tax on gains by purchasing something else of equal or greater value. For t ...

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McKinley Car Wash Review

Uncle washes Aunty's car every once in a while.  Sometimes because he is in the mood to wash cars, and sometimes because he is trying to make nice to Aunty. Most of the time it is very much appreciated, but once in a while, when my gas tank is low and the car (the one Aunty got the Rich Dad way) is dirty with sand on the floor and the dashboard is dusty, Aunty plans a trip to McKinley Car Wash for a fill up ...

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Has your Atlas shrugged? Review of Upper Cervical Hawaii

Aunty read Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged" way back in high school.  I was reminded of this, not because of politics or literature, but because I learned that we have an Atlas bone!  It is like a plate that holds our head in place, kinda like Atlas holding the world on his shoulders.  It is also and more commonly known as our upper cervical. Cousin Teresa let me in on a fantastic lead - Dr. Joe Breuwet at ...

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Nerium – a business review

[Update note December 2013:  Here is an email sent to all Nerium distributors by the CEO Jeff Olson.:  "In the last couple of days there seems to be increased competition between our company and another significant and respected company in our industry. It is not our style or culture to target another company in any way. There are two ways to have the tallest building, either by building yours the tallest o ...

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LifeVantage and Protandim Review

One promise that Aunty will make is no bull shit (excuser mon francais) about things, events, and people that are recommended or reviewed.  If you check out the LifeVantage website, Protandim is the cure-all, heal-all fountain of youth; and TrueScience  anti-aging cream will make your skin beautiful, wrinkle resistant, and corrected.  This is Aunty's honest review of Protandim and the LifeVantage company pr ...

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