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Product reviews, favorites, workshop notes, program reviews, business reviews, people, restaurants. If Aunty has seen it, used it, tried it, or visited it, get Aunty’s scoop on it here!

Review of Hospice Hawaii

Uncle fought a battle against cancer and blockage from when he was first diagnosed in November of 2013 with stage IV appendiceal cancer after surgeons at Queen's Hospital performed a right hemicolectomy.  In the ensuing months, which turned into a year, Uncle was in and out of the hospital for various reasons. We left Queen's for the last time under the care of Hospice Hawaii.  This is Aunty's review. In th ...

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To Tweet, or not to Tweet

*Update:  Aunty was tweeted by Yunji de Nies!  Not sure what that meant, but daughter said that was awesome! Do you know about the Malama Card? It saves you money at stores on KS properties - check out @HonoluluAunty's post— Yunji de Nies (@yunjid) April 15, 2015 Aunty was totally clueless about tweeting.  It sounded like something new and irritating.  However, Chad Lamothe ...

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HIMA – Hawaii Internet Marketers Association

Back in November 2013, Aunty attended the first HIMA meeting, not really knowing what she was getting into.  Aunty went just to support Randy Fujinaka's new venture because Randy is such a good guy. George Del Barrio and Thomas Trentz were the main speakers.  Tom's presentation was good - high tech power point slides and how to reach and utilize the internet to help market ourselves.  Geebz's (George Del Ba ...

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Lexington Law Review

Okay, don't tell Uncle but Aunty had ANOTHER hit on her credit score, from a beautiful and rising score of 762 and to a less beautiful score of 737. Honestly though, it really wasn't Aunty's fault this time. Our hardly used GM Card (now Capital One) had a balance of $94, and Aunty did an online payment before it was due.  All is well until Credit Karma notifies Aunty that her credit rating has dropped becau ...

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Review of Alternate Energy Inc.

After years of thinking about it, Uncle decided that it was time for solar panels for our home.  The timing was great - our electrical bill was edging up to $400/month, solar companies' prices had come down and systems were much more efficient, needing less panels and less wall space for the controls. After getting a few quotes from other companies, we settled on Alternate Energy.  David Thompson was our po ...

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Review of OREXCO Hawaii

In November, we sold a property in Las Vegas that had appreciated in price by 70%, resulting in a gain of $90,000.  Pretty sweet! After a quick consult with our CPA, our long term capital gains tax that we would have to pay would be $18,000.  Enter into the picture, the strategy of a 1031 exchange, which allows investors to defer the tax on gains by purchasing something else of equal or greater value. For t ...

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Speak better = Resonate!! the book by Nancy Duarte

Happy New Year!  Aunty wants to start the year blogging with some self improvement, and the ability to persuade is a good tool in anyone's belt.  Here's a book report from Aunty: The other day, Aunty was sitting next to Uncle and telling him about one of her very interesting revelations (Aunty gets revelations quite often).  In Aunty's telling of it, Uncle looked at this watch.  Aunty got ticked off and sto ...

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McKinley Car Wash Review

Uncle washes Aunty's car every once in a while.  Sometimes because he is in the mood to wash cars, and sometimes because he is trying to make nice to Aunty. Most of the time it is very much appreciated, but once in a while, when my gas tank is low and the car (the one Aunty got the Rich Dad way) is dirty with sand on the floor and the dashboard is dusty, Aunty plans a trip to McKinley Car Wash for a fill up ...

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Geebz the Whiz and Aunty the Unwhiz

Aunty went to a Social Media Marketing workshop on 11/16/2013 at the beautiful new MOA Wellness Center in Kakaako, organized by Lori Chaffin, publisher of the Hawaii Wellness Directory.  The speaker was George del Barrio aka Geebz of PMI-International. [Breaking news:  Geebz will be having another workshop "Social Media Marketing and Content" on December 14, 2014 from 10:00 - 1:00 at the MOA Wellness Center ...

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Thai Valley Cuisine Review, Kalama Valley

Aunty's next dream car is Uncle's nightmare.  It is a sweet little SUV made by Mercedes Benz, the GLK350.  Each time I see one on the road, I go, "Oooh, there it is!" and Uncle's face puckers up as if he was sucking on a lemon.  Uncle does not like Mercedes Benz.  He likes Toyota, period. Well, one day while parking at Costco Hawaii Kai, a black GLK350 pulls into the stall next to us, and Uncle hurries into ...

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