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Product reviews, favorites, workshop notes, program reviews, business reviews, people, restaurants. If Aunty has seen it, used it, tried it, or visited it, get Aunty’s scoop on it here!

Ken Wade’s Housing Alerts review

Aunty was subscribed to Ken Wade's Housing Alerts because it seemed like a good idea.  I believe Frank Chen of REI Club sent me a link (affiliate link in which he gets a percentage of the sale) and I sat through a very long, rather tedious webinar that showed a super simple way of gauging whether a particular real estate market was in a transitional period (not a particularly good time to buy or sell but ok ...

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Some of Aunty’s Best of the Bests

Best Las Vegas realtor is Martin Fajardo (702) 289-0831, of Robinson & Associates and LV Invest.  Not only does Martin find me the best places and deals, he also is absolutely the best property manager in that town.  He has integrity, hustle, connections and is 100% on the side of his clients.  He is the number one reason Uncle and I have cash flow in Vegas.  Please only call him if you are serious abou ...

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LifeVantage and Protandim Review

One promise that Aunty will make is no bull shit (excuser mon francais) about things, events, and people that are recommended or reviewed.  If you check out the LifeVantage website, Protandim is the cure-all, heal-all fountain of youth; and TrueScience  anti-aging cream will make your skin beautiful, wrinkle resistant, and corrected.  This is Aunty's honest review of Protandim and the LifeVantage company pr ...

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Raymond Aaron’s iMarketing Genius

If Raymond Aaron comes to your town to give a presentation or class, I have a two letter word for you - GO.  Here's a link to get more info from Raymond himself. This recent Raymond Aaron workshop was an unusually small crowd of 25 students, which was fortunate for us since we could ask questions at any time, and because the majority of the participants were Hawaii realtors, the focus of the weekend was on ...

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Donna Kato and Polymer Clay

In my stumbling around using different art mediums, I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from some of the finest artists in their field. Polymer clay (some call it Fimo the way you say Kleenex instead of tissues) is instant gratification.  What you work with is what you get. My absolute favorite teacher of the medium is Donna Kato.  She calls me kiddo!  LOL!  Actually I think she calls almost ev ...

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Color Code

Ian Plummer of Color Code gave a fascinating lesson on personality/core motives using the colors Red, White, Blue, and Yellow as indicators.  The theory is that every person is born with a certain core value and life's experiences, upbringing, etc. influence how we act and react.  Knowing what our "color" is can help us understand ourselves and knowing the color of people you associate with can guide us to ...

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Prophet Max Platform ***

Aunty subscribes to Mike Dillard's Elevation Group for $597 per year.  Mike is an unshaven young man who likes guns and racing trucks madly through trails.  He has lessons on investing, life and opportunities with experts in their respective fields.  Aunty has learned tons so far. His most recent lesson (#19)*** was filmed in Australia at the offices of Senen Pousa of Investment Intelligence Corp.  It start ...

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Mortgage acceleration payoff programs – some caveats

Do NOT waste $3000 on the Money Merge Account program from United First Financial to eliminate your mortgage in a few years.  It is cumbersome, time consuming, and limited.  All their hype about algorithms and such with the juggling of at least 2 accounts is easier achieved with chunk payments.  [This company has changed their name to "Worth Unlimited" - same players, same game.   Mahalo to Joe Taxpayer for ...

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Rocking Las Vegas

Aunty is on her way to Las Vegas tonight with Uncle (big 6-0 celebration with fellow Kaimuki Bulldogs, McKinley Tigers and Roosevelt Rough Riders). I brought along a book for the plane ride, “Rocking Wall Street” by Gary Marks. The author is a very interesting man living a wonderful life doing what he wants, when he wants, and where he wants. I found his philosophy about life and wealth fascinating, and wan ...

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Protandim = Fountain of Youth?

In November, 2011,  Aunty went to a Protandim meeting with a good friend and I signed up to be a distributor.  What sold me on this were the testimonies as well as the research done on the product.  I have a page on Protandim, for I, myself am a walking testimonial taking one tablet a day.  I don't have my usual cloudy vision in the morning when I just get up.  This video from PBS Healing Quest is this prod ...

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