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Product reviews, favorites, workshop notes, program reviews, business reviews, people, restaurants. If Aunty has seen it, used it, tried it, or visited it, get Aunty’s scoop on it here!

Ultimate Blueprint – Info Marketing Millions

Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss of Info Renegades were in Honolulu this May 2012 to present a 3 day workshop entitled Info Marketing Millions Ultimate Blueprint Event at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki. This was an eye-opening training event.  I subscribe to a LOT of newsletters, programs, and free reports.  Much of the sales promo looked similar - as if they got it from the same book or template - the language, for ...

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Rich Dad free training review

Went to a free 2 hour Rich Dad Education “Learn to be Rich” training recently.  The speaker was an excellent salesman - offered additional training for 3 whole days in a class that would teach everything needed to get rich with real estate investing for the bargain price of $199. I have gone through the Rich Dad seminars, beginning with the free 2 hour introductory training to the $199 (used to be $500) 3 d ...

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