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Stuff that Aunty uses and really likes. Aunty lives a rather simple life. The biggest splurges are for whatever Apple has – Aunty is an Apple maniac.

Sometimes, it will be stuff that Aunty tried and didn’t like, but those will be on a compiled-together page of junk stuff.

Please leave comments and let Aunty know what you buy and like. We all can learn, yes?

Aunty’s Googling day

Firstly, Aunty wants to share her current favorite granola bar - 18 Rabbits.  This bar has been in Aunty's purse for ages - carrying it around in case of hunger attacks while away from home, but never trying it - yet.  During the very (very) long car ride to Google's Mountain View corporate offices, Aunty needed something to eat and opened this stored bar without any expectations.  It is rather flat (thus b ...

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Sugru, like Super Putty on steroids!

Aunty loves Sugru.  It can fix almost ANYthing.  It air hardens to a tough flexible rubber in a day.  It is like super glue, polymer clay, and Playdoh, all rolled into one little package.  It is a bit pricey and comes in little bitty blister packages to keep the air out.  It can attach to wood, metal, rocks, plastic, rubber, glass, paper, and almost everything, except air and water. Aunty will update in ano ...

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Why the Hydro Flask

EVERYbody seems to have a Hydro Flask bottle.  Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones.  Aunty couldn't understand what the hype was about and figured that it was just a fad.  Plus, they were rather pricey - $23 for the small ones and $30+ for the bigger ones! Instead of a Hydro Flask, Aunty had a cute slim aluminum thermos looking bottle with a screw on lid and screw on cup.  This was taken to seminar ...

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Style Book app

2 weeks ago, at Michael Mazzella's free Jam session on real estate flipping in Hawaii, Aunty saw Margaret, a fellow real estate investor friend.  We did a bit of girl talk chat after the session and Aunty mentioned Marie Kondo's book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying" and how it was truly changing Aunty's life.  (Post to come, one day soon.) Well, Margaret went home, downloaded the book and took to it li ...

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May be Magic Socks

Aunty went to Shirokiyas to buy a finger massager to give to her favorite masseuse, Dick Murakami of Hikari Shiatsu.  These are available in a tucked away spot behind the massage chairs and next to eyewear. A really cute and friendly salesclerk cheerfully helped Aunty.  She looked like Ha Ji Won of Korean drama fame - starring in Secret Garden, The Time that I Loved You 7000 Days, and many others.  She shar ...

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Wanna Roomba?

Aunty Mimi got a Roomba from Costco.  Pal Cookie also got a Roomba from Costco around Christmas time with a $50 off coupon special. Big deal - how good can it be, right? Well, according to them, it is wonderful.  Their floors are always clean.  The little feeler whisker spinners clean  around table legs and furniture.  It is cute and goes back to its "dock" when it needs to recharge.  It just keeps on worki ...

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To Tweet, or not to Tweet

*Update:  Aunty was tweeted by Yunji de Nies!  Not sure what that meant, but daughter said that was awesome! Do you know about the Malama Card? It saves you money at stores on KS properties - check out @HonoluluAunty's post— Yunji de Nies (@yunjid) April 15, 2015 Aunty was totally clueless about tweeting.  It sounded like something new and irritating.  However, Chad Lamothe ...

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Lipstick, lipstick on the lips

Korean dramas on now have a LOT of commercials nowadays unless one subscribes to their Premium service for $9.95/month.  No thank you, since Aunty uses those commercial breaks to get water to drink or restack a pile of papers that needs attention. Anywho, one of the commercials was about long lasting lipstick by Revlon. Okay, guys, this really isn't a post for you.  However, it reminds me of ...

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CashFlow Game Review

Aunty first played Robert Kiyosaki's CashFlow game at a 3 day Rich Dad Education seminar in Las Vegas.  Boy, was it fun!  All of Aunty's competitive juices kicked in, and everyone couldn't wait for their turn to toss the dice and impatiently waited while people did the changes on their Income Statements. Bam!  Already, a lesson in accounting was built in, the kind of accounting that each of us really needs ...

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Review of Bug Free Mind (in progress)

Many subscription based businesses present in Power Point fashion and read from the text - VERY boring stuff, even if the copy and content are excellent.  Bug Free Mind has the best promo video* with state of the art elements that I have ever seen.   Having someone voice the point first, and then having the text follow is a very pleasant learning and enforcing experience, and it was also very effective, sin ...

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